Essay on “Cinema and Its Impact” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Cinema and Its Impact

Cinema is an important part of modern age. It is a cheap means of entertainment and education. It has a far-reaching impact on the society. It attracts all types of people. Young and old, men and women, rich and poor-all love to visit cinema shows. Students are especially fond of it.

Cinema influences young minds in many ways. The young people learn fashions and manners from actors and actresses. They walk, talk and act like them. They become fans of particular film stars. They popular tunes and dance at parties. They see movies of their hero and heroine several times. They don’t mind even missing their classes. They imitate the dress-design and hair-style of filmy stars. Cinema has changed the youth into dreamers.

Cinema has its positive side also. It has social and moral values. It depicts social-problems and gives us valuable information about them. It creates awareness amongst citizens against-social evils. There are many domestic movies which promote peace and harmony among families. There are based on historical events and personalities. They enlighten us about our history and strengthen our patriotic feelings.

There is nothing good or bad about cinema. It depends on the producers and film-makers to make it good or bad. It is sad that they do understand their social responsibility. Their main motive seems to be to make money. For the sake of money they can sacrifice their ideals and principles. The censor-board should see that only good movies are made.

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