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Essay on “My Town”


My town is not a town- it is a city. I identify with Kochi as I belong there but more to Secunderabad as I have spent a long time here and hope to make it my destination eventually. My childhood has been nomadic as has my adult life and honestly, I have taken to every place like a fish to water!

Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad, separated by the man-made Hussain Sagar Lake. is a very lively and warm city. Home to the largest cantonment of India, Secunderabad was founded in the eighteenth century by the British Raj. Complete in itself, this city offers something to every age group, to every budget and to every mood. It is my belief that I live in the best part of Secunderabad as it is close to the cantonment, which makes it cleaner and greener and yet it is within reasonable distance from the happening town and its hustle — bustle. I saw this place first when I was in college and then when I started my career. It was a quieter city then, with narrower roads. The people have always been civil here though the traffic is terrible.

Today, Secunderabad is as much of a hit as it was fifteen years ago with all alike. With its chain of restaurants, amusement parks, malls and theatres its appeal is more modem but the warmth still exists. The roads arc broader and the city is cleaner and very much on the move.

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