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My Most Wonderful Experience of Life

We boarded the Mumbai-Delhi flight with a big roller bag in our hands and backpacks on our shoulders. I was about to face the most wonderful experience of my life. For the first time, I had to do all the things on my own, from washing my plate to packing my bag each day.

From Delhi, we travelled to our base camp at Seobagh in the Kullu valley. On the way, we stopped at Manikaran, a pilgrimage center for Hindus and Sikhs. It is also known for its water of hot springs having healing powers.

We reached the Youth Hostel Association of India at the basic camp. We were provided with tents, sleeping bags and other necessary stuff. Throughout our stay we enjoyed bed tea at 6 am, breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1, supper at 4 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Dinner was followed by campfire where we enjoyed a lot.

The next day we got training in rappelling, rock climbing and river crossing. We were taken for a short trek to a mountain nearby. It took us two days to climb up the mountain. I wonder how the children living here went to their schools every day.

It was fourth day and early in the morning, we began our actual trek. We took our first halt at the Malana Dam. The soil had become very slippery because it was drizzling constantly. As 1 was the youngest among all, everyone helped me and took my care. After reaching the higher camp we all were very tired of walking for the entire day carrying our heavy bags.

Next day, we passed by the Malana village. We crossed many waterfalls, streams, rocks and muddy areas. We had fun splashing water on each other in the middle of waterfalls. Once we had to cross a terrifying slope. We were warned to be extremely careful as one small mistake could end our life.

While we were on the second higher camp, we got the news of a snowstorm below the Chandrakhani pass. We were advised not to proceed further. I could not think of not completing the trek, which had become the biggest mission of my life. Although I had six layers of clothing, I shivered because the temperature had dropped down to four degrees.

We proceeded further after the weather changed. Trekking through the snow was not an easy task. Finally, we reached the Chandrakhani pass. It was a heavenly feeling to stand at a height of about 3700 meters touching the clouds.

Looking back, I feel that trek helped me to grow physically and mentally stronger. It also helped me to understand the strength of the nature.

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