English Essay/Paragraph/Speech on Monument “Temple of Vishnupur” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Temple of Vishnupur

The earliest temple at Vishnupur is Ras Mancha. It was built during the reign of Veer Hambir. The temple has a peculiar structure with a huge, stepped stonework pyramid-shaped roof. The vaulted, pillared verandah, with shapely pillars, draws light into the dark interiors.

To the north is the Shyama Raya Temple. It was built around 1643. The temple has a square body framed by an artistically curved roof. Over each corner is a small tower with a peaked roof and from the center, a taller single tower emerges. The entire wall is alive with miniature sculptures and decorative motifs. There are scenes from the Ramayana. A whole universe of ideas has been captured by a small set of tiles. Further north of the Shyama Raya Temple is the lovely form of the Madan Mohana Temple, constructed in 1694. It consists of a square building, with a less complex design. The impact of terracotta tiles, the humorous details, the sensitive rendering of a face, the fine compositions of miniature tiles, is both beautiful and pleasing.

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