Essay on “My Favourite Game” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 for College and Competitive Exams.

My Favourite Game

Essay No. 01

Football is my favourite game. I play football, hockey, and badminton. Of them, I am fond of playing football. After I return home from my school in the afternoon, I hardly find time to eat my tiffin, as my mind becomes restless to go to the playground. I try to reach the ground as soon as possible because I know that my friends must be waiting there for me to start the game. We play till dusk and then return home. After a wash of hands and feet, I sit down to study. It is more or less my daily routine.

If, however, there is a telecast of an interesting football match on the T.V. screen, I avoid going to the field on the day. I prefer to watch the game on the T.V. than to go to the field. By watching a good game, one can learn many new techniques from the successful players, as they play the game. To me, a particular team’s name is not important, because I morally support the team which plays a better game.

I adore the football giant Diego Maradona of Argentina, the top world player. Whatever may there be in his personal life, there is none like him as a footballer in the world. Even the fame of the king footballer Pele of older days seems faded before Maradona of the day. He is a born genius who has invented and displayed many new and fine techniques of the great game.

In our school, every year there is a football match between the two upper classes: IX and X. The Headmaster awards a cup to the winners. All the students go to the playground to enjoy the thrilling match. When I will get a promotion to class IX. I hope to play the match, too.

My younger brother, who is fond of cricket, sometimes argues with me about our difference in choice between the two games. I feel that cricket is a back-dated game which is played only by third-world countries, while football is still a modern game, ever-thrilling and lively; and I believe, it will continue to be so in the future, too.


Essay No. 02

My Favourite Game

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. How apt is this saying in today’s context? In our busy schedules, we seldom have the time to play However, I have made a conscious effort to regularly play for at least two every Sunday. And my favorite game is Football. There are some y special reasons for liking this game. First of all, it is the least expensive of all the games. All that is required is a ball and a playground. Playing football is a good exercise both for the mind and body. A person learns to be alert while playing this game. Besides, like all other team games, football teaches us the lesson of cooperation, team spirit, and discipline. By learning to follow rules on the field and by abiding by the referee’s decision players develop a respect for the authority. A player learns to take quick decisions and not to lose his presence of mind in case of adverse circumstances. And lastly, football makes us realize the importance of team spirit. It helps us take defeat in our stride. Football is synonymous with the all-around development of the human being. It urges us to constantly strive for betterment both on and off the field.

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