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My Ambition in Life

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Essay No. 01

Ambition supplies the driving force. It lends meaning to life. A man without an ambition is just like a ship without a rudder, at the mercy of waves, tossing it here and there. A fixed aim or goal in life is very important. Aimless life remains the slave of opportunities. Ambition adds zeal to live. It gives the right direction and makes a man work single-mindedly to attain that goal and to fulfill that ambition. Ambition makes man resourceful and hard-working, sincere and serious. It inculcates a purpose in life. Man strives hard to achieve what he has thought of to be.

Teaching attracts me a lot. It is a noble and respectable profession. I do know that it cannot make me roll in riches, still, I want to be a teacher. A teacher is a torch-bearer, a nation builder, and a servant of mankind.

Need of the hour is devoted teachers to produce men of integrity. I shall give the best of me to my students. I will not be a steam roller that produces oneness and conformity. My students will not be robots. I will leave them to themselves. My work will be to throw a stone in the stagnant water and watch the ripples. Ideas will be mine but to give them proper shape will be the responsibility of the students. So I will try my best to inculcate the habit of independent thinking in my students.

I will teach them not to take things lying down. I will train them to see reason and apply reason. This way I will impart a scientific attitude to my students. I will be a teacher with a missionary zeal. I shall mould the character of students and see that they become ideal citizens. For this, I will try to be their icon in all respects. I shall be a living model of punctuality, discipline, humility, efficiency, and up righteousness.

I shall try to remove ignorance, dogma, and superstition from the students. Modern students are rootless and thoughtless. I shall try to provide them with thoughts as well as roots.

The motto of ‘Simple living and high thinking’ has inculcated in me the ambition to be a teacher. I love young children and by adopting the profession of a teacher I will remain in their company all my life. The noble ideals of the teachers in the .ancient times are before me. In spite of being aware of the difficult and hard life of a teacher, my ambition is to be a teacher. Not an ordinary teacher but a teacher who will leave footprints on the sand of time.

Essay No. 02


My Ambition in Life

Everybody has an ambition in life. Like others, I too have great ambition to reach lofty heights in life.

It is not always easy to make a judicious choice of a profession. It depends upon various factors, namely, personal likes and dislikes long-term planning, academic qualifications, and material resources. It is seen that one often takes to a profession which comes one’s Way without paying any regard to the above factors. Such a person can never attain success in life. It is, therefore, essential to plan and decide carefully before selecting a profession.

As for me, I have given this matter due consideration. I have also examined the relative merits of different professions. I have neither the debating faculty so essential for law nor the strong heart that can stand the dissection of living creatures. Thus, I can neither be a lawyer nor a doctor, engineering has no doubt a bright future in the modem of India but I cannot understand the intricacies of science. Trade and commerce, on the other hand, require a lot of capital. If one fails, one may not have anything to fall back upon. Teaching is, of course, the only profession that finds favour with my taste and temperament.

There are many reasons why I like this profession. A teacher has a sacred duty to perform. It is he on whom rests the responsibility for moulding the characters of young children. Apart from developing intellect, he can inculcate in them qualities of a good citizen– remaining neat and tidy, talking decently, and sitting properly. These virtues are not easy to be imbibed. Only he who himself leads a life of simplicity, purity, and rigid discipline can successfully cultivate these habits in his pupils.

Besides, a teacher always remains young. He may grow old in age but not in spirits. Perpetual contact with budding youth keeps him happy and cheerful. There are moments when domestic worries weigh on his mind but the delightful company of innocent children makes him overcome his transient mood of despair.

Then ‘there is the lively world of books written by masterminds in which he dwells. I am very fond of reading books. This profession will thus help me in satisfying my craving for studies. Whether I shall succeed in achieving my goal, not I cannot say. I know that some of my friends have more laudable ambitions but mine is by no means a low one. It is the highest profession in the world, as the teacher imparts education to the entire world.


Essay No. 03

My Ambition in Life

Everybody dreams. All have dreams of name, fame, and riches in this world.

Some people’s ambition is to be a rich businessmen, while others dream of being doctors, scientists, actors, etc.

In this world, we come across very few people who do not have any desire or ambition in life. Then there are also those who waste their life by choosing the wrong path which ultimately harms society also.

Although I am not an ambitious person, this surely is my goal in life to lead a simple life, to serve humanity in whatever form possible and in whatever I do, must make my parents proud of me.

I have grown up in a middle-class family, and my parents instilled great values in me. In most of the professions, people become corrupt by accepting bribery just to satisfy their greed. My values will never allow me to take bribes.

I would love to become a teacher, because of the simple and down-to-earth way of their life. I have reasons for taking teaching as my life profession because of my fondness for children. I can give them knowledge about different things I can help the little ones in reading and writing. By doing this I would give my country better human beings for tomorrow, and they will be the assets of the country.

If I am able to do these things, then I would think I have achieved my ambition in life.


Essay No. 04

Aim of My Life

Ambition changes into aim when we adopt it with a motive to fulfill. -Bacon

Mahatma Gandhi had the ambition to see his country as free and Independent. Pt. Nehru wanted to see prosperity for India. He had a view of equality for all. He aimed cooperative movement for the prosperity of the Indian masses. Sardar Patel wanted to unite India as a single unit. The ambition was later on adopted as the aim of life and the notable people struggled to fulfill it.

In the same way, George Bush has the ambition to lead the USA to supreme status. He has an aim to make the whole world subordinate to the supreme power, the US. Sometimes these ambitions come up true but they shatter on account of slack efforts. Hence the adoption of desire, ambition, and aim involves the exploration of ways and means to achieve the goal. In the next phase, we are to find ways and means to achieve the aims of life. The exploration leads us to examine the possibilities and put in more sincere efforts.

I too have an aim to become a doctor in life. I have already taken physics, chemistry, and biology in my IX class. I am working very hard to reach my goal. I have a craze for a white coat and stethoscope in the dress of a doctor. I have a deep regard for the efforts they make in helping a sick person. They work hard and render all the best services to the poor sufferer.

A doctor can do a lot of service to the poor and ailing masses. I am pulling in all the efforts to acquire the top rank in class. My teachers are very helpful to me in my mission. They provide motivation, carrier counseling, and all help in explaining the subject. They often encourage to me to seek guidance for odd questions. My parents have already requested some reputed guides to help me in the subject. I have joined some coaching classes and am sure to get better rewards.

I have told my parents that my basic aim to join medical services is to render help to poor and needy persons. I will not hanker after high figure profits and earnings. I may even like to help the needy with whatever I have in my storage. My father has, very kindly, approved my feelings and is encouraging me to work with the best of my efforts. I got very good marks in my last term examinations. Even from my junior classes, the classmates have started appreciating my efforts. They lend me all the help to achieve my aim.

India is full of miseries and diseases. Health and living draw maximum attention for uplift. It will be my privilege to serve the needy for their requirement through this profession.


My Ambition

Essay No. 05

People have dreams in their lives. Many aspire to be rich or to become business tycoons. Some persons dream of becoming leaders, politicians and social reformers. Some aspire to become the leading hooligans and anti-social elements of their localities or cities and this is a bad aspiration. There are others who have a craze for becoming poets, writers and novelists while most of us generally have a desire of becoming engineers, doctors and scientists of great repute. There are very few persons who are happy-go-lucky by nature and have no clear-cut aims in their lives.

I do not have very high aims in my life. I do not wish to become a mill-owner or a multi-millionaire. The some object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of humanity. The life of a professional leader or a politician would not suit me as most of such persons have become parasites on the society.

I was born of middle-class parents. From the very beginning, have been passing through the struggles of life. I have seen cut-throat competition in most of the professions. Its consequences have been far-reaching; people are demoralised. Examples can be quoted in which, we can find the engineers accepting big bribes, lawyers rescuing guilty persons or murderers and doctors demanding money from the patients at crucial stages of surgical operation.

Then what do I want to be? Indeed, from the core of my heart, I wish to become a teacher. The motto of this life, ‘simple living and high thinking, inspires me to take up this profession. The noble ideas of the teachers in the ancient times are before me. I am fully aware of the difficult and hard life of a teacher. He leads a life of drudgery, busy in correcting exercise books or answer books of the students. There are no stirring event in his life.

Inspite of these hardships, I would like to become a teacher. I have reasons and considerations for adopting this profession. Since my early childhood, I have the days of developed affection for the young children. In my view, they are delicate and beautiful like the petals of a flower. I feel that as a teacher, I can help the students in widening their outlook by giving them knowledge. I shall help the country by producing better citizens. Moreover, the company of the young children would also help me in remaining young and fresh in thoughts and outlook. Besides rendering all these important services, I shall also have the means of subsistence. I have a great faith in the life of a noble and an ideal teacher because teachers are the custodians of the highest values, according to our former President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

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