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Independence Day

Essay No. 01

On August 15, 1947, after two hundred years of slavery, India finally became an independent nation. Like a phoenix that arises from its own ashes, India too arose from the ashes of the revolutionary fire that had swept through it, and emerged as a brave new free nation.

This independence was not won easily. It was the result of the sacrifices of many men and women who fought bravely, giving up their lives for the sake of their country. It was also the result of the dedicated work of great leaders and thinkers.

Independence Day is celebrated with joy and pride all over the country. The national flag is hoisted, and the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

In educational institutions too, there is great enthusiasm. Parades, P.T. displays and cultural programmes are organized. Patriotic songs are sung and the students are reminded of what the Tricolour stands for—saffron for sacrifice, white for peace, and green for prosperity.

On this day we should remind ourselves of the pledge that Pt Jawaharlal Nehru took all those years ago. He pledged, “…we take the pledge of dedication to India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.” He pledged to bring freedom and opportunity to the common man, the peasants and workers of India; to fight and end poverty, ignorance and disease; and to build up a prosperous, democratic and progressive nation.


Essay No. 02


Independence Day

The 15th August is the most important day in the history of India. On this day our country became free after many centuries.

We celebrate this day with great zeal every year. This year we made great preparations in our school. Everyone of us is eager to take part in Independence Day Celebrations. The Vice Principal drew up a programme. It was announced by the Principal on the 12th of August.

Early  in the morning of the 15th of August, we gathered in the Ramleela ground behind the bus stand near the water tank. Our teachers also joined us in a few minutes. We were divided’ into 4 parties. Each party singing national songs and shouting Bapu Gandhi ki Jai’, Bharat Mata ki Jai’. Our younger companions were full of enthusiasm. They were shouting the slogans at top of their voice. Thus, singing and shouting national slogans we reached school at 8.00 A.M.

In the school we stood around the flag pole. The teachers asked us to stand class wise. In our Khaki uniform we looked like soldiers ready to give our lives for the sake of Mother India. The teachers stood behind us. On our Principal’s request the founder of the school, who is a scared saint, came forward. He performed the flag hosting ceremony. He was in his happy mood. Exactly at 8.30 o’clock the flag was hoisted. We stood in attention to give salute to the flag.

After the flag ceremony ‘Jan Gan Man’ was sung. The scout band played the tune. The flag ceremony came to a close with a few speeches. The teachers and the founder delivered these speeches. All the speakers threw light on the importance of the day. Two teachers told us our duties towards the country.

The Principal asked us to assemble round the field to take part in the sports. The sports were held with great zeal. Those who stood first and second in the sports got prizes by the holy hands of the founder.

Essay No. 03

Independence Day

It was on 15th August, 1947 that India got independence from the domination of Britishers. This day marks the victory of those noble Indian souls who laid their lives for the freedom of their country; therefore it remains the most glorious day in the history of India.

In Delhi, the capital of India, Independence Day is celebrated at Red fort. The Prime Minister of India unfurls the national flag and takes salute of the armed forces. The Prime Minister delivers a speech, emphasises the importance of national unity and integrity and he also reminds the Indian people of those nationalists and patriots who struggled hard and sacrificed their lives for the country. He also asks the Indians to protect this freedom at all costs and he advices the people to live in peace and brotherhood together.

On this day, flags flutter on all the Government buildings and also in our embassies in foreign countries. The buildings are also decorated.

It is our sacred duty to preserve this freedom and use it in right spirit.

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