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Mushrooming of Fitness Centres


If caveman were to visit us today, they’d get the shock of their life seeing people exercising using machines and wasting their energy! (Today, of course it is done to reduce the unwanted calories). But we all know, it’s the reality today- fitness, by paying for it, a western concept in trend.

Man was used to great physical labor earlier but with advent of industrial revolution, his labor was simplified. Machines helped him in every walk of life from kitchen to traveling long distances. Life was easy now, with more leisure time to enjoy the pleasures of life. With the invention of television and computers lives of people all over the world started changing. People preferred and prefer watching TV for long hours rather than going for an outing or on picnic. Added to this is the arrival of internet and computer games which leave people (young and middle aged) glued to their computer screens. So, changing life style is one main factor behind mushrooming of fitness centers which were unheard of at least in our country. Today, more work is done by our head than body which starts protesting with pains after long sedentary work schedule.

Another main factor (part of changing lifestyle) which contributes to increasing fitness centers is a problem of more. People have more money to dispose-with better jobs and pay people have access to rich food and drinks. Instead of simple meal or dinner at home people are ready to eat out more frequently resulting in health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Fast food chains and restaurant have changed the eating habits of our people. So. more food rich in fat but of less in nutritive value are causing weight gain and then to reduce weight people run to fitness centers shelling out money. With the lurking fear of falling prey to illness some people have become health conscious and so enroll themselves in a fitness centre.

Influence of the media on people especially the younger lot is also a contributing factor. There’s more pressure on present generation to stay slim-trim, develop muscles and so on to look attractive, first and be fit.

Life becoming fast and due to odd working hours’ people find less time to exercise at home (early morning exercise or yoga was the trend earlier). Also, lack of space in the near vicinity discourages people from going for a brisk walk or yoga. So. people find a visit to centers twice or thrice a week a perfect solution to their fitness problem.

Taking advantage of this very urban problem there is a sudden increase in the number of fitness centers. They have sophisticated machines which are user friendly and also these centers offer regular checking of various health parameters. Almost every residential area has one. sometimes run by retired sports persons and health trainers, doing good business! These centers are truly a boon to the urban population especially those who really intend to remain healthy and fit. Gone are the days when people used to have second thoughts about spending on exercise. Today, it’s fashionable too.

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