English Essay on “Importance of Communication Skills in English” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Importance of Communication Skills in English

Communication skills in any language must result in exchange of thoughts or information correctly and so its importance is felt while learning a language. Speaking. listening. reading and writing are the basic communication skills. Of all these skills, speaking is the skill which most of us pick naturally if exposed to a particular language environment. This is evident from the fact that all of us learn to speak our mother tongue naturally because it’s spoken at home. The other skill, be it any language has to be taught. And in case of English. the spoken form is taught and learnt by hearing, listening and repeating. It is grasped better if we have people around who communicate in English.

Though English was taught and spoken all this while, the importance of the correct way of communication was neglected sometimes, in its spokes & written from with grammatical mistake and lack of fluency. Other problems faced by most people are the incorrect pronunciation and regional accents. For a very long time these were overlooked because technical knowledge in any subject was given more importance. Also, the reason being math and science subjects ruled the interests of students, with maximum children getting into engineering or medicine. Today, the career choices for students are more because of the changing job market scenario with the arrival of multi-national companies and information technology related companies. When we talk of information, it has to be spoken, written and processed correctly-so, the growing importance of communication skills, apart from the technical knowledge, today.

Students or people who grow up learning English and get a chance to speak it on a day today basis, that is interacting with friends, parents or teachers have an advantage over people who learn English but cannot communicate in English since they are not exposed to spoken English or interaction on a daily basis. Especially, the people from villages or rural background. Though the pattern of English teaching is more interactive these days in some schools, speaking with confidence is lacking in majority of the job seeking youth, in this competitive world. The new job scenario requires interaction with colleagues because of team work, interaction or communication with foreign companies or clients. Daily business takes with lot of communication telephonic and through the internet.

Importance of communication skills has also been felt because business establishment or companies, banks and with corporations want to have good public relation and so are concerned about the customer care. For this they have created customer care cells to deal with their clients. Good communication skill plays important role hem. Also, today there is demand for people for with good communication skills in managerial job and training instructional jobs.

Effective communication skills is what matters, be it interview or dealing with the team head. Thus, there are different workshops and institutes offering spoken English courses .To increase or sharpen one’s communication skills, firstly one must be a good listener-listen to news and group discussions. Secondly one must take part in group activities, mock interviews sessions or talk sessions with good English speaking friends or guides.

Thirdly, use of appropriate words and tone at the right time. So. in any sphere of life, effective communication skills. (in general) and in English will help a lot to ensure success in one’s efforts. English which is very adaptable is growing and has sort of become a world language now we must make an effort to speak it correctly.

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