Essay on “Lunch Break in My School” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Lunch Break in My School

Working hours of my school are from 9 a.m. to 3.30 in noon. We have five periods in the morning and four in the afternoon. There is a 40-minute lunch break at 12.30 at noon. The lunchtime is not only for students but also for the teachers. It is also the time to play, chat and laugh. Lunch break helps us to get refresh for the remaining school hours.

By the end of the fourth period itself, students become restless. All become eagerly ready to enjoy their lunch and play afterwards. Their attention is more on the watch than what the teacher is trying to teach in the class. They keenly wait for the bell to ring. However, I am fond of eating. I not only eat what my mother packs in the lunchbox but also spend some pleasant time in my school canteen, eating couple of delicious hot samosas.

As soon as the recess bell rings, the calm of the school is broken. There is noise all over the place. Some students rush down the stairs pushing each other to reach the canteen or playground first. Others can be seen sitting in the classroom eating up their food. The younger students can be seen roaming about eating their lunch. Some litter wrappers and other foodstuffs carelessly in the corridor and school compound. Soon there is a big crowd of students at the water coolers.

Many parents come to feed their children. They place food mats before opening the lunch baskets and sit in the school garden behind our main building. Some students go straight to the playground without having their lunch. Others join them after finishing their lunch. The playground gets packed and hardly any game is possible. Yet students manage to play without quarreling and fighting.

More sincere students are seen glancing through the newspapers, the Internet, books and magazines in school library. Thus, even the library is filled with students during the lunch break.

Soon the lunchtime is over. The bell goes. Children quickly get back to their classes, before the teacher arrives. The atmosphere in the school becomes quiet again. However, for me recess is the best part of the school day. Students and teachers, all enjoy it.

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