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Help Me, Before I Am Extinct

Help me, before I am extinct seem to be the desperate call made by creatures like tigers, pandas, bean, orangutans, and turtles or by gifts of nature like, rain forests, rivers, lakes and the rare species of plants.

Some of the world’s well known ecosystems and their creatures are endangered. This means, that they are facing the danger of extinction-total disappearance from earth. And once lost, these animals, forest or plants cannot be replaced.

A rain forest is a kind of ecosystem-rich in plants and animals, their physical environment and their interdependence. Many of the rain forest, like the Amazon rain forests and the forests in Southeast Asia have large trees (about 60m tall), rare medicinal plants, exotic birds and insects. Unfortunately, these forests are being destroyed rapidly. The trees are felled for timber and to clear land for farming or building resorts. Even in India, forest area is dwindling due to thoughtless cutting of trees in the name of development. Sandalwood trees are felled by smugglers for their great market value.

The tiger and giant panda population is dwindling due to hunting and also due shrinking of their natural habitat. The cities are ever-expanding and directly causing harm to wild life. These creatures are exposed to danger of being shot when they accidentally venture out. The hunting for their skin and teeth (especially of a tiger) is rampant. Turtle and some species of deer like, black buck and Gazelles are hunted for their meat. Elephants an: killed for their valuable tusks. The dwindling population of some of the aquatic creatures like blue whales and seals is also of concern because of pollution and excessive fishing.

So, the main reasons of ‘on the verge of extinction’ are loss of habitat, pollution, conflict with human and human activity.

Conservation or preservation is the answer to the problem India there is ‘project tiger’ to preserve the tiger population & maintain the balance The lion population in west India (Gir forest) was 3 as of 2006).

 There is a 30% to 50% decline. Firstly, setting up and maintenance of national parks is one of the solution carried out by most of the countries. The Asiatic lion reintroduction project in Madhya Pradesh is also a good steps Secondly, identification and breeding of lions in captivity (in zoos) and letting them into their natural environment is showing results. This method is being done in the case of tigers be lions in India, America and China to follow these methods to save endangered species.

Government on their part must strictly implement the laws formed against hunting, felling trees, illegal constructions or occupations in the forest area for commercial purpose. Also, as a part of this biosphere we should stop destroying but preserve the flora and fauna for the future generations. We as a nation must make an effort and commitment to provide for the natural habitat and other needs.

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