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Different Modes of Communication


Transmission of information or a message from one place to another is known as communication. When it is conveyed to thousands and lacks of people at the same time, it is known as mass communication. Post and telegram, telephone, radio, fax, mobile phones, television, newspapers and magazines, internet and computer, artificial satellites are some of the important tools of communication.

Artificial satellites orbit the Earth at a certain height. Radio signals are received and relay back to the Earth. As they take constant pictures and other information, it becomes very useful for security purpose. They also give all necessary information about climate, deforestation, etc.

Internet is a web of several networks. Through networking, a computer is connected to all the computers in the world. World Wide Web (www) helps us to download any sort of information. Job opportunities are generated because of this networking. In modern times, e-mail is a very popular way of communicating with people. Internet services have made educational and examination system much easier than before. Important Government circulars can reach any place without taking much time. This helps in saving a lot of time, energy and money.

Telegram is very old method of communication. Message is communicated in a coded form that can be decoded and sent to the addressee. Short messages are given through telegram. Postal services assist in delivering such messages.

Telephone is a network of electrical signals in a telephone wire. These signals travel faster than sound. In a matter of a few seconds, one can speak to people living in any part of the world. However, telephone exchanges are connected with each other.

Radio is an audio mode of communication. It is useful for talks, debates, discussions, music, interviews, commentaries, advertisements, etc. With the arrival of Frequency Modulation (FM) and variety of new channels are started. This has helped radio to gain more importance.

Newspapers and magazines are included in print media. Press as a print media is an important mode of communication. This mode is mostly used for social cause. Newspapers hold a vital place in bringing information to people about various events in the country and around the world. Moreover, people get aware of the current affairs in various spheres of life and problems existing in society.

Televisions are an audio-video mode of mass communication. As a mode of communication, it is very useful for news, marketing, entertainment, documentaries, science projects, inventions, tourism, sports, etc. In 1959, Doordarshan was the only channel in India. However, today one can watch large number of channels relaying from different parts of the world. Moreover, television market is still growing.

Cellular phone or a mobile phone is a portable cordless telephone system. It is the modern way of communication. One can make its use even while moving from one place to another. As cellular phones are available at cheap rates, they are affordable to common people. Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multi Media Service (MMS) are very useful service provided by such phones to send text as well as picture messages to other similar devices.

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