Essay on “Cable and Satellite Television” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

Cable and Satellite Television


The broadcasting system in India has been revolutionized by commercial satellites. The massive developing market of television viewers has attracted many foreign satellite companies to start their business in India.

Due to the coming up of new channels, Indian families are enjoying interesting educative, comedy, romantic, horror and thrilling television programmes. Viewers have a very wide variety of programmes to select from as per their liking and interest. Moreover, they can enjoy at any hour of the day. They can switch on their television sets during their leisure hours. Thus, the cable television system, based on satellite broadcast, has occupied the homes and lives of millions of viewers across the globe.

People belonging to all age groups whether young, old, children, men, women, rural and urban folks have great attraction of viewing television. Sports, news, films, different types of serials and music have won the hearts of million. Music channels have become a craze among young people because of their loud music, bright colours, dances, fashionable clothing and modern musical instruments. Thus, the common viewers seem to be overwhelmed.

However, the prosperity of cable and satellite television has negatively affected studies, rest, sleep, social life and the joys of personal conversation. Children shirk their schoolwork. They pass their time in watching sports, movies, serials, cartoons and songs on television. Thus, it is not wrong to say that cable and satellite television has disturbed the viewers’ work schedule and sleep because of long and late hours of watching television. All this has also adverse effect in terms of mental health and ability, productivity, efficiency and tolerance levels. However, in coming times, this universal entertainment is likely to create many more difficulties that are yet not judged and identified.

With the growing popularity of satellite and cable television, many new satellite companies have joined the race. Some of the globally important satellite companies are Japan’s JCSAT, Inter sputnik of Russia, ‘with its Express satellite series, etc. The Doordarshan uses two transponders of PAS-4 satellite for its international broadcast. One of them is meant to beam programmes to United States and the second to United Kingdom. The Russian Express series is a new generation satellite. Many satellite television channels in India are linked to it. All these indicate the steady increase in the popularity of cable and satellite television.

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