English Essay on “Light and Sound Show at Amer Fort” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Light and Sound Show at Amer Fort


A time machine is yet to be made and till then we can only marvel at the remains of our historic monuments and conjure up images of the people and times that have passed through them.

The Amer fort in Jaipur stands as a testimony to the great Rajput dynasty. Built in the 16e century, it is a magnificent blend of Raj put and MughaI architecture. The light and sound show at the fort captures the essence of that period and takes us to the bygone era. As the evening sets in we settle down to watch the show.

With the tart as its backdrop, the narrator of the show takes as through the history of the Kachhawa dynasty. Sounds of galloping horses and charging elephants and the war cries of soldiers bring alive the battlefields; while the sounds of musical instruments and laughter, the tinkle of bangles and anklets, and the spectacle of lights bring to life visions of the pomp and glory of that time.

Mid way through the show, just fora few seconds, the entire facade of the fort lights up giving it an ethereal glow and transporting us to a period in time that we can only now read about. It’s as if we are a part of the history of Amer fort now.

As we leave the fort, we are humbled by the realization that we belong to a country which has such a rich history behind it.

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