Essay on “Autobiography of an Old Banyan Tree” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Autobiography of an Old Banyan Tree

l am an old Banyan tree standing in a school campus hail and healthy, planted years ago. I have some friends (trees) but they stand a little far away. The head of the school often visited me, admired my health-, dense leaves, prop roots and separate branches. The school too grew from just single block to a big school with good strength.

One day, the head of the school felt I was huge and provided good shade. So he decided to have the school assembly under me. I was thrilled and happy about the thought that so many children will begin their school day with prayers under my cool shade and I too could hear them.

Soon, a culvert or a raised platform was built around me and sooner I was the favorite spot in the school. Right from the morning prayers to the last bell I had company. I always enjoyed the company of children. I have seen tiny – tots grow- playing under my shade, swinging on to my dangling roots, exercising under me preparing for tests, having food during lunch breaks, leisurely sitting and chatting. The children were happy to be under my green cover and the teachers too were happy to conduct some of the classes under me. I often heard them say how grateful they were to me and how they loved me. Birds too loved my fruits and even one or two snakes had made holes in my trunk, their home. But, I prayed that they don’t scare away the children.

I have seen so many children grow, their activities, competitions, (some were very interesting, like the debates) and functions. Some of the eminent people were guests on occasions to address the students and teachers. I was the backdrop of the school function photographs to the envy of other trees. My most memorable moment was when a girl who passed out from my school few years back and now in good position and married came to visit it in the school campus, with her husband! She looked at me with awe, praised me and recollected the happy incidents that took place under my shade, and spent some time together.

The wonderful company of children has kept me evergreen and strong. I had been and I am the center of attraction for every new child or person who visits the school. I am a proud and happy banyan tree staying in the lovely memories of each child who studied here. Today, I am old but sturdy, growing in girth and ever expanding my green canopy.

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