Essay on “Autobiography of a Dog” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Autobiography of a Dog

I am lying in my grave now, after my life came to a sudden end, a few years ago.

I was a dark, shiny black Labrador, picked by my loving owner from a dog breeder when I was six months old. I was loved by everyone in the family and named ‘Blacky’. My day started with a small walk with the master and my favorite breakfast – milk and biscuits. Mornings were a busy time when everyone in the house, got ready to go out except my mistress who wrote books. I fetched paper, ball and bag for my master’s son before he went to his school. He usually talked to me a lot on the way when accompanied him till the main gate of the colony we lived in. I always roamed a little seeing little children trot away to school and then got back to bid good bye to my master. Both the master and mam were very caring. They gave me good shampoo bath in the afternoons, brushed me and combed me. I obeyed their commands and behaved with the guests. During parties at their home I loved being stroked by children and played ball with them. I was careful not to spoil their carpets and rugs. I was quiet comfortable in my cozy little cushion in the corner of the drawing room from where I kept an eye on the entrance.

Evenings were lovely when children played in the wet lawn, people walked to and fro chatting away and I went for an evening walk with my master and his wife. I was proud of my looks and my striking collar which was gifted to me when I completed three years in my family.

There are lovely family photos taken with me sitting beside. I was living very happily but was quiet upset to see some dogs that didn’t have anyone to take care of. roamed in the area freely. Their number increased and people there decided to call dog shooters; I was sad but had no say.

The next morning as usual I roamed after seeing off, the master & his son, came back home but found the mam busy over the phone. I went around her and again went out to roam. I went a little away and could hear an approaching van. Suddenly, I felt a piercing pain in my neck and fell. I was shot at, my eyes went dark and I just wished I had not come out.

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