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An Indian Farmer

Essay No. 01

India is a country of villages. The majority of the people live in villages. Their main occupation is agriculture. They work in the fields to feed the people. An Indian farmer is very hard-working. He goes to the field even before the sunrise. He works there the whole day and cares little for heat and cold. He ploughs, sows and reaps in all kinds of weather. His wife or children bring for him mid-day meals. Having taken his humble food, he again gets busy with his day’s work. While working, he often croons to break the dullness of his work.

He returns home only after it gets dark. He is greeted by his wife and children at the door. This is the happiest moment of the day for him. He takes tea and after some rest goes to the village chopal. There he chats with fellow farmers and makes jokes for recreation. After having spent an hour or two there, he comes back home.

The life of an Indian farmer is not smooth. It is full of difficulties. In spite of hard work, he is over head and ear in debt. His crops are at the mercy of natural forces. Sometimes these are droughts while at other times there are floods. In an Indian village there are no hospitals worth the name. There is a shortage of medical facilities. Often he dies without getting any medical treatment. There is a total lack of schools for the education of his children. The few schools found in villages are not up to the mark.

There is still much to be done to improve the poor lot of Indian farmer. An Indian farmer needs to be taught scientific methods of agriculture. He should be supplied seeds of better quality. He should get electricity according to his need. He should be freed from the clutches of money lenders. For that purpose, the government should give him loans on nominal rates of interest. There should be provision for schools and hospitals for the education and health of his children.

It is heartening to note that the government is taking interest in the welfare of the village people. The ‘Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was launched to improve the condition of the farming community. “Panchayati Raj” seeks to give more power to the people. The Central Government has promised to waive off the loan of a farmer up to the tune of Rs. 10000/ -. It is a good thing. But this is not enough. Much more is required to be done for him.


An Indian Farmer

Essay No. 02

India is an agricultural country. Our prosperity depends upon our agricultural production. For achieving this purpose, the Indian farmer’s contribution is very vital. India, as a matter of fact, is a land of farmers. Nearly 75 per cent of our population lives in villages

An Indian farmer is respected by everyone. It is he who produces grains and vegetables for the citizens of the country. Throughout the year, the Indian farmer remains busy in tilling the fields, sowing seeds and reaping the crops. He passes a very busy life.

He gets up early in the morning. Then, he takes his yoke, bulls and plough-share and goes to his fields. In the fields, he ploughs the land for hours together. Then, he takes his breakfast. The breakfast is brought by the members of his family in the fields. His breakfast is very simple. It consists mainly of Chapatis, Pickle and Lassi. After taking his breakfast, he again gets busy with his work.

He works very hard. But after his hard labour, he gets a very reasonable amount of reward. He sells his production of food grains in the market at a low and nominal price.

He lives a very simple life. His clothes have a rural flair. He lives in a mud-house, though many farmers of Punjab, Haryana and UP have built Pucca houses as well. His property comprises a few bulls, a plough-share and a few acres of land. He lives from hand to mouth.

A farmer is the very soul of a nation. Our late Prime Minister, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, gave a slogan, “Jai Kisan.” He realised that an Indian farmer feeds the nation. Upon him, depends the agricultural production. They must be provided with all the latest implements of farming. Better seeds, fertilisers, manures, implements for agriculture and chemicals could enable him to grow more.

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