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An Ideal Leader

The ideal leader has got to have sterling qualities, the impression of which should be such that the pupils, persons or masses treasure his memory all their lives. The ideal leader arouses love and respect from all those whom he leads. In other words, people naturally feel drawn towards him. This is attributable to his quietly inviting personality which is bedecked with elderliness. The ideal leader aims at winning the hearts of his followers. He should effortlessly create a living bond between himself and the people.

The ideal leader should be in possession of all the qualities that go to make an ideal leader. As a matter of fact it is the efforts and environment and heredity factors that contribute to leadership. Efforts and industry are the key factors towards making such a leader. If he fails to lead the people well and towards a proper direction he ceases to be an ideal leader.

The ideal leader has, as such, to understand the aspirations of his people and make them realize and feel that he is going to do his best to achieve them their goal. The woes of the people are his woes. He has to share the woes of people and partake their joys. He cannot be selfish. He cannot serve his interest before the interest of people. His quality is self confidence and determination. He can achieve his goals by sticking to his aim and no failures deter him from his path. Righteousness is the beacon light of an ideal leader. He does not believe in any double-dealings. He speaks the same language before individuals and parties. Truth is his greatest strength. He does not fear failures and does not celebrate successes. Such leaders do have a deep public base. Wherever he goes people follow him to take his guidance. He does not believe in making a high image of himself before the media and the public. His success is his reputation as he is always busy in finding his faults. He does not like to find the weak points in his rival leaders and exploit them for his personal ends. He has no personal life or interest. He is dedicated to his people. He gradually loses interest even in his family members and relatives because they do not matter much to him.

Only the men of imagination and vision have made spectacular advances and led people to a proper direction. Mahatma Gandhi was a leader with a mass base. He delved deep into the problems of the masses and saw through the main cause of the suffering of people. He worked with them to solve their problems. He became one among them and succeeded in driving away the Britishers from this country alongwith making a sound foundation for an independent India.

The ideal leader knows the pulse of his people, loves them, encourages them to fight for their just cause. He inspires them and enthuses new zeal in them. He never misses the track of his people. He is selfless and the good of his people is his ultimate ambition.

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