English Essay on “An April Fool Joke” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

An April Fool Joke


Who does not wait to play a prank on the first day of April? As children this spirit and enthusiasm is so much that it is infectious and lasts the whole month! As we go into college, we have “cooler” tricks up our sleeve but it is all forgotten by noon. Once we get busy with our careers, this is immature nonsense and if someone plays a prank and we get snubbed, we smile condescendingly as though such trivia is not worth a second thought and then on the quiet we fool a little kid on the road side and pacify our ego. We then get married and have children and then become children once again and make up for those lost years!

A mother of two, very serious about her work and life was very correct at all times and extremely formal in her interaction with neighbours- polite but distant. She went for an early morning walk at 05:00h and on her return after an hour, stood with her mouth open gaping at the garage. The neighbor, whose garage she was staring at, asked her what had happened to which she said in a shocked and horrified manner, that the tail lights of his car were smashed. The shocked man and his wife rushed down as the hooligans had attacked some people before only to find their new car intact. They stared at this woman who said a curt “April Fool” and walked into her house leaving a smile on their lips!

There is only one life so have your share of fun.

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