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A Walk in the Rain

How I love walking in the rain! Nothing gives me more pleasure than kicking off my shoes and splashing barefoot in the muddy rain water. It is a wonderful experience to feel the cool and soothing raindrops on my face after the scorching heat of the summer. The whole of nature seems to share my feelings. The grass freshens up, the trees spread their branches and is it my imagination, or are the flowers really smiling?

Last afternoon it rained. One moment the sun was shining and the next, the sky was covered with dark clouds. With a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning, the rain came pelting down. Mum and Dad were taking their afternoon nap, so I quietly slipped out of the house, taking my umbrella with me. I didn’t want the passers-by to think I was crazy. Oh! How I enjoyed myself! I was least bothered about the water getting into my eyes or my hair getting plastered over my head, or my clothes sticking to me, making it difficult for me to walk.

I came back thoroughly drenched but very happy. Mum was furious and I had to take a hot water bath and some foul-tasting syrup to prevent me from catching a chill. I also had to put in an extra hour of study to make up for my bad behaviour. But it was worth it, don’t you agree?

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