English Essay, Paragraph on “An encounter with a snake” Essay in 300 words for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

An encounter with a snake

It was recess time. Peter, Paul, and Frank were on their way to the school field for their usual game of soccer. They loved playing soccer.

In no time, the trio was having a great time. Just then, Peter kicked the ball so hard that it flew to the far end of the field. Paul and Frank were angry as that was wasting their precious time. Peter laughed and said that he would retrieve the ball.

So off he went, in the direction of the ball. Paul and Frank stood there, staring at him. When Peter reached the tree where the ball was, he had a shock of his life! There was a python curled around the tree, hissing fiercely at him. Peter was so scared that he stood rooted to the ground, breaking out in cold sweat.

Meanwhile, his two friends were shouting at him, asking him to hurry. Peter dared not turn nor reply. He hoped that they would be alert enough to know that something was wrong. True enough, Frank knew something was wrong as Peter was standing motionless at the tree. He asked Paul to accompany him to see what was happening.

Barely meters away, they saw the snake. They knew they had to do something. Paul ran to the General Office to inform the Principal. The principal got the help of a school attendant and they followed Paul back to the school field.

The skillful attendant managed to capture the snake within seconds and once the snake was put into the sack, Peter fell to the ground. His face was ashen white. Paul helped Peter to the General Office to rest.

It was a frightening experience, especially for Peter. The incident would be etched in his mind for a long time.

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