Essay on “A Visit to The Zoo” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 9, 10 and 12 students.

A Visit to The Zoo

Essay No. 01

Our school broke up for winter vacation, One day I went to the Delhi Zoo with my friends. The entry was by tickets. We went up along to purchase the tickets to the ticket counter. Then we entered the zoo.

We walked up and down. A deep ditch ran parallel to the footpath. Beyond the ditch were small trees. The cages. of the birds were hanging down the branches of the trees. Their multi-colored feathers gleamed in the sunlight.

Next, we saw a small water pond with many doves’ and ducklings floating on it. It was interesting to see new birds, some of them were wild. We saw more birds in an enclosure. They twittered, chirped, and whistled. It was pleasing indeed to hear the sound of them. We saw many birds there. Sparrows, nightingales, and owls of different colours sat in the closed cages. The owls sat with closed eyes, lost in thought. We bade a silent farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on. 

We visited the tigers, lions, and bears shut in cages. We heard the loud roar of a tiger. The tiger was in a fit of anger. The tiger was strong and handsome.

Then we enjoyed a camel ride. I enjoyed it most. We also Saw many other creatures like crocodiles, snakes, fish, and a -hundred other creatures. They all felt at home in the zoo. Last, of all, we saw different kinds of monkeys. One of them made grimaces tit us.

We passed many happy hours in the zoo. It was a pleasing experience for all of us.


Essay No. 02


A Visit To A Zoo

Last Sunday, Rani came to my house. We decided to visit the zoo. At about nine we reached the Zoo. We bought the tickets and entered the gate. A zoo is indeed a world in itself. It is a world of wild animals and birds, made artificially by man.

Sparrows and parrots of different kinds and colours were the first to welcome us. There were also pigeons and cuckoos of different breeds.

As we went a little further, we saw a big lake. I was greatly amused when I saw swans, ducks, and other birds swimming in the water. Some of them were sitting on the banks.

The deer and the monkeys were wandering freely. They were kept in a small wood bounded by a stream.

Some children were throwing peanuts and parched grams towards the monkeys. I also threw them towards the monkeys. As the naughty animals picked them up I felt very happy.

We moved forward. My friend was frightened to see a crocodile. In a cage, we saw a lion. It was roaring. Some children were teasing it but it was very bad. The tigers looked awful basking in the sun.

We also saw many other animals such as deer, foxes, wolves, jackals, hyenas, and birds of many colours.

There is no denying the fact that a visit to the zoo is indeed a thrilling experience. It will always remain fresh in my memory.


A Visit to a Zoo

Essay No. 03

Recently our school arranged a tour to Delhi. We were twenty students in the charge of a teacher. We saw many important places in the Capital but the zoo interested us the most.

The zoo was divided into different sections. First of all, we visited birds. There were all types of birds-pigeons, parrots, peacocks, etc. They produced different kinds of sounds. Some birds appealed to us for their bright plumes and sharp eyes.

Then we came to a pond where we saw swans, ducks, turkeys, and cranes. Some of them were swimming while some others were sitting on the banks of the pond.

After seeing birds, we came to animals. Monkeys were the first to attract our attention. They were very agile. They jumped from one iron bar to another. We wanted to offer them something to eat but did not. Visitors were not allowed to feed them.

Then we moved on to the section where we saw lions, tigers, wolves, and bears. They were imprisoned in strong iron cages. Their very sight sent a wave of fright. We were almost dead with fear when a lion started roaring. We quickly moved on. Then we saw kangaroos, zebras, giraffes, elephants, and camels. The giraffes, with their long necks and dark patches on their coats, interested us most. We also saw deer and stags frisking about.

By this time we were tired. So we decided to return. We did not take any photographs. But the impression of different birds and animals was imprinted on our minds.


A Visit to a Zoo

Essay No. 04

A visit to a zoo is always very interesting. It adds to our knowledge. I had the chance to visit the zoo in Kolkata last month. My parents accompanied me. First of all, we saw water birds, ducks, and cranes in a pond. We saw monkeys jumping on the branches of trees. The dangerous animals were kept in big cages. We saw lions, tigers, and bears which were looking dangerous. Snakes and other reptiles were kept in glass houses. They were looking dangerous. We could see the whole zoo in a day.

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