10 Lines Essays on “Internet” for Kids and Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Exam.

10 Lines on “Internet”


Internet is a worldwide network which connects not only computers but also humans across the world.

Internet is a very useful and a beautiful creation which human being has invented for its use.

“Advanced Research Project Agency Network” (ARPANET) is the old name of the Internet when it was first connected in October 1969.

Internet is the network of networks which is connected via satellite, telephone lines, and optical fibre cables.

Internet helps to collect information from the storage space of the servers which are called as websites.

Internet is a great electronic gateway which provides quick access to the global news and information.

The Internet provides us with everything. We can purchase anything and can also order food items which can be delivered to our home.

Through the internet we receive news and information; we can watch videos, movies and listen to songs.

The Internet has disadvantages too; it can also leak data and our personal information through virus and malware programs.

Internet is a boon to the people but it should be also used in a manner so that it does not affect our normal living and privacy.

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