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A Visit to a Museum

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Essay No. 01

A museum is a place where relics from the past are kept. The aim of these museums is to give us a glimpse of the past and familiarize us with its influence on our present life. Last Sunday I had an opportunity to visit the War Museum. This museum is situated in a large complex, housing various interesting objects of various wars fought all over the world. One -wing of the complex is completely devoted to the ancient periods when soldiers used bows and arrows to fight wars. The other wing is dedicated to the period of Spanish Inquisitions. Ancient body armors and extremely heavy steel swords are the main attraction of this wing. Two floors of these buildings are devoted to the exhibits from the American Civil War and the arms used by the Federal Armies against the Native American Indians. I was most fascinated to see the famous Winchester Rifles, which played. an important role in the defeat of Red/Native American Indians. In the sections dealing with the first world war, I saw an exact replica of the famous Brane Gun, on which the machine guns of today are modeled. Besides, there is a separate wing in which are housed the cannons and the artillery guns used by various armies over the last two centuries, Photographs, drawings, sketches, replicas, and samples of army uniforms make this museum perhaps one of the most comprehensive museums of its kind in the world.

A Visit to a Museum

Essay No. 02

A museum is a treasure chest of antiquities. In it are kept all such articles and diggings which reflect a country’s culture and civilization. Its historical panorama, its modes, and manners, its religious beliefs, and relics, its art, and architecture. A museum is a miniature reflection of a country’s ancient heritage. Thus, a museum throws a dazzling light on the ancient period and gives a vivid picture of the customs, conventions, and traditions of the nation.

In New Delhi, I had the golden opportunity to visit the historic and famous National Museum. The building of the museum is majestic and has many apartments concerning various subjects. As I entered the ground floor, I saw a number of articles and images, sculptures and rock-engraved scriptures, and many other things of great interest and value. The entire museum is divided into many compartments.

On the first floor were charts, paintings, and manuscripts of various languages. There were ancient dresses, robes, weapons, coins, etc. In other halls, one finds historic Ajanta and Ellora paintings with the lovers in the mood of dalliance. Also are vivid descriptions of the lives of Rama, Krishna, and Buddha through charts, scriptures, and sculptures.

The second floor is occupied with remains of Indus Valley Civilization, diggings from Harappa, broken pitchers, toys, stones, skulls, etc. through a flood of light on the civilization of those times. The third-floor houses military equipment, swords, sheath, spears, hooks, shields, helmets, etc.

Broadly speaking, the entire museum was a treasure house of India’s great men and morals which are connected with the whole range of India’s life and literature. For me, visiting the museum was the most thrilling and rich experience of my life which has left an indelible experience on my mind.

A Visit to A Museum

Essay No. 03

For a long time, I had an ardent desire to visit the Indian Museum which is situated in Kolkata. One day the opportunity came to me almost suddenly. My cousin called Pradip came from Lucknow to stay with us in Kolkata for a fortnight during the summer vacation. He has not seen the Indian Museum. So my elder brother was asked by my father to take me and Pradip to the Museum.

We entered the building of the museum. On the ground floor, there were large halls where there were numerous skeletons of huge animals that may be of the pre-historic age. There were captions indicating the details of the specimens. Apart from the large skeletons of various animals, there were peculiar costumes and deadly weapons of kings, soldiers, or tribal people of different ages, which were preserved with great care inside glass cases.

The steps led us to the upper floors of the Museum building, where we saw various types of stones, minerals, and strange carvings on stones with images of ancient Indian gods and goddesses. The palm leaf manuscripts wrapped with red cloth and inscribed with writings in Sanskrit or Dravidian languages could also be seen.

The floors of the Museum were kept clean. The guards were alert about the safety of the preserved articles. The visitors were silent and disciplined and moved slowly almost in a queue in the Museum halls.

We came out of the Museum at about 5 P.M. Our heart was filled with joy. It was really a remarkable experience that I gained within a few hours of my teen-aged life.

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