Essay on “A Visit To A Museum” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 for College and Competitive Exams.

A Visit To A Museum

A museum is a place where relics from the past are kept. The aim of these museums is to give us a glimpse of the past and familiarize us with its influence on our present life. Last Sunday I had an opportunity to visit the War Museum. This museum is situated in a large complex, housing various interesting objects of various wars fought all over the world. One -wing of the complex is completely devoted to the ancient periods when soldiers used bows and arrows to fight wars. The other wing is dedicated to the period of Spanish Inquisitions. Ancient body armors and extremely heavy steel swords are the main attraction of this wing. Two floors of these buildings are devoted to the exhibits from the American Civil War and the arms used by the Federal Armies against the Native American Indians. I was most fascinated to see the famous Winchester Rifles, which played. an important role in the defeat of Red/Native American Indians. In the sections dealing with the first world war, I saw an exact replica of the famous Brane Gun, on which the machine guns of today are modeled. Besides there is a separate wing in which are housed the cannons and the artillery guns used by various armies over the last two centuries, Photographs, drawings, sketches, replicas, and samples of army uniforms make this museum perhaps one of the most comprehensive museum of its kind in the world.

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