Essay on “On Meeting An Old Friend” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

On Meeting An Old Friend

A true friend is great gift of God. He is your next self. He shares your joys and sorrows. He is your friend in need. Life is big cycle of events. There are occasions when you lose the company of your best friend. He goes away from you. You miss track of each other. You crave to meet each other but the conditions do not favour. You have to be away from one another.

Then your stars favour you and you perchance’ meet your friend after a long time. You do not believe your eyes. You run into each other’s arms. You weep for sometime. Your joy knows no bounds. It is as if you have come upon a lost treasure. You start your endless talks. You ask one another about the welfare of your families. Both of you are overjoyed and jubilant. You open your full heart to him. You tell him how you craved for his love and company. You explain to him how you missed him in every turn of event, every morning and every evening you try to express to him how life was meaningless without him.

Both of you narrate the stories of success and failure during the intervening period. The time stops for both of you. You are unmindful of time and continue reminding each other the golden past of your friendship. It looks that your friendship has been cemented once more and forever. You seem to be one again. You thank your stars that got you together again. You have got the treasure of your life. You seem to be the happiest and luckiest person of the world.

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