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A Street Hawker

Essay No. 01

We find street hawkers in every city. They are a common feature of a city life. They belong to the poor section of the city population and they cannot afford much to invest or pay for the shop rent usually. Therefore, they sell their goods in the streets.

The streets are usually alive with shouts since morning the hawkers are found selling vegetables and fruits. They sometimes carry baskets on their heads and shout loudly the vegetables or fruits that they carry. Thus, the house-wives, who cannot afford to go to the distant market, buy vegetables and fruits from the street hawker. The street hawkers have fresh and green vegetables that they sell in the street of a big town or a big city. The house-wives wait for them. They get vegetables at comparatively cheap rates also. They wait for the street hawkers curiously.

But during the whole day we find a large number of hawkers. They bring other goods to sell. Sometimes they bring sweets and other dainties for the children and the ladies living in far off streets. They use ‘Vanaspati Ghee’ or oil and sour sauce. Such palatable things find favour with woman living in cities. During summer season the women and children wait for the ice cream sellers. They come out of their houses with money and get the eatables that they like. They buy ice-balls. They suck it in their mouths and enjoy much. The children also get such eatables. The mothers cannot resist their children at all and they pay for buying such things for them.

We find hawkers in the streets selling the goods that are required by the people for use in their houses. They carry articles that are inferior in quality. These are mostly cheap and third-rate articles that are bought by the women-folk. Thus, the women-folk are entrapped by the street hawkers to buy these cheap articles for use in their homes. They find the articles in attractive colours and they do not know much about their quality.

A street hawker lives a hard life. Even the poor buy their articles. They are the petty customers of them. A street Hawker lives a life which is very hard. He can earn money that can hardly support him. He can hardly make his both ends meet. He leads an adventures life. Like a poor man he works all through the day and thus he supports his children.


Essay No. 02


A Street Hawkers


A street hawker is a common figure in India. He can be seen near schools, cinema halls and public parks. He also goes from street-to-street selling his eatable things.

They are often troubled a lot by policemen as they are not allowed to stand with their carts at roadsides. Some hawkers sell sweets, others sell vegetables, fruits, ice-cream or some other eatables.

A street hawker attracts the children in various ways. Some hawkers ring a bell, some attract in a sing-song manner.

If they are organized in a systematic way, street hawkers could beat the owners of the best restaurants in the country and cause a revolution in the world of catering.


Essay No. 03


A Street Hawker

In Indian cities, towns and villages, a street hawker is commonly seen. A street hawker goes from one street to another selling his articles. He carries his merchandise on his head or in the small improvised vehicles. The articles of his sale are eatables of different kinds, fruits, vegetables, ‘utensils, cloth, etc. The usefulness of a hawker to the residents of a locality is great. They are able to get things of their day-to-day requirements at the doors of their house. A common experience with a street hawker is bargaining for price. A hawker does not normally keep the prices of his articles fixed. The job of a street hawker is quite laborious. His profits are small and he lives from hand to mouth.


Essay No. 04

A Street Hawker

In India many street hawkers can be seen earning their living by selling their goods on the streets of cities and villages. A street hawker moves from one street to another street selling his goods.

A street hawker comes in the morning and sometimes in the evening with a basket full of all kinds of goods placed on his or her head for selling. Then there are some who come in with goods on carts. Every street hawker brings different types of items like plastic toys, utensils, bangles or churans, etc.

People, living in their houses hear the voices of street hawkers in the morning. Hearing their voices women and children flock around them to see their goods. Some purchase fruits while others buy vegetables and some just check the goods. Sometimes customers bargain about the prices of their goods and usually succeed in getting a good bargain.

There are some hawkers who are so poor that they cannot even afford the carts. So carrying their goods on their heads they wander from one place to another in the hot sun.

As street hawkers carry inexpensive goods, they have very small earning, inspite of successfully selling all their goods sometime.

It also happens sometimes that naughty children steal away these hawker’s goods which is not a good thing to do. We should have understanding towards them.

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