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Adina Masjid

The Adina Masjid of West Bengal was built in 1369 by Sultan Sikander Shah. This is one of the largest mosques in India which exemplifies Muslim architecture in medieval Bengal.

In fact, the mosque was built to celebrate Sikander Lodhi’s victory over and independence from the Delhi Sultanate. It measures 507 feet by 285 feet. This vast space is enclosed by pillared aisles having an 88-arch screen. The tall, ornate, tiered sikhara, trefoil arches, and small gateways are ample proof of the fact that the masjid was extremely influenced by Sena architecture.

Most of the structure is now in a ruined state. The remains indicate the use of basalt taken from the existing Hindu temples and palaces. The small backdoor of the mosque is similar to the contemporary Vishnu temple. However, the whole masjid is reminiscent of a Greek or Roman ruined city.

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