Essay on “A Rainy Day” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Rainy Day

Scorching heat of the summer months is unbearable and torturing. The earth gets parched and cracked. All living creatures look towards the sky and pray to God to send rains. Rains come and one and all make merry and dance with joy.

One day in the month of July when I left my bed I found that a pleasant breeze was blowing. Clouds were gathering. Soon there was lightning and thunder. I left for my school and there was no rain. Hardly had I covered half the distance when rain drops began to fall. I hurried along and soon it was raining in torrents.

Attendance was very thin and the students who had reached the school were fully drenched. The downpour continued. The school was closed for the day.

Rain was in full fury. We waited in the gallery. Dark clouds had covered the whole sky in no time the gutters and low lying streets were all overflowing. We had to wade through the overflowing water. I was wet to the skin when I reached home. I changed my clothes. Now there was only a light drizzle. My heart was leaping to go out and once again enjoy the soft slaps of rain.

The rains made the atmosphere cool and pleasant. It was a sin to shut myself in my home. Ignoring my mother’s call I headed for the company garden to enjoy various scenes and sights.

Rain water had accumulated in the form of shallow pools. Seeing kids floating paper boats in them I remembered my childhood. A soft breeze was blowing. It and the beauty of the garden refreshed my mind and soul. Plants and trees after a bath looked just beautiful. Flowers with their drooping heads welcomed the visitors. Birds were chirping again and they were bathing in the pool water. The clouds had nearly cleared by now. There appeared a rainbow. Its beauty just enthralled everybody. The sunset looked different that day.

The weather became colder. From a tea stall I got a hot cup of tea and sipped it. I enjoyed each sip. It was getting dark. I was shivering but was enjoying each moment. A rainy day is a great blessing.

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