English Essay on “The Christmas” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Christmas

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Essay No. 01

December 25th is the day of celebration and of fun and frolic. The birth of Christ is perhaps the most popular festival around the world.

All houses and churches are cleaned and white-washed. The people send Christmas cards and present to their friends and relatives.

The dark night sky, the chilly winters all just provide the perfect backdrop for the reigning red and green colors that cheer up the entire scenery.

The Christians cut down a large branch of a tree. They plant it in a corner of their house. They decorate the branch with toys, dolls, and bulbs. The children of the house sing songs. They offer prayers to God. The people also pray in the Church. People visit their families and arrange some of the most lavish parties. The most awaited festival, the Christmas signifies love and kindness, joy and happiness. The holiday spirit of the season in one word is – infectious!

Essay No. 02



Christmas is the main feast of the Christians. It is celebrated on the 25th of December each year. Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. On the night before Christmas, Christians go to church in large numbers for the Midnight Mass. Everyone person wears new clothes that day. Along with special prayers, Christmas carols are sung. After the church ceremony, they greet each other happily and return home.

The next day on Christmas day they wear new clothes and eat special delicacies at each meal. They distribute cake and cookies to their neighbours and friends. They welcome guests who visit them with cake and wine on this day and night through the following week.

A common sight seen during this season of festivity is a crib at each house, decorated Christmas trees laden with gifts, stars outside houses, and Santa Clause distributing sweets at the entrances of shops. it is free to go window shopping during this season to see the elaborately decorated shop-fronts to attract customers to do Christmas shopping. Christmas is really a secular feast as people of all faiths join in this festival of peace.

Essay No. 03

Essay on “Christmas” Festival

Christmas is celebrated by Christians all over the world on 25th December. On the day, Jesus Christ was born to Virgin Mary and the Christians believe that Jesus Christ brought new light to the world. ‘Christmas’ means the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was born in a stable in Bethlehem. It is written in the Bible that the Child’s arrival would shatter the world system that existed. Jesus brought salvation to the world.

On the eve of Christmas, people attend Midnight mass meetings and sing hymns and carols in churches and homes. The children decorate Christmas trees and give gifts to friends and relatives. Special Christmas cakes and relishable luncheons are served amongst relatives. This year-end festival is noted for its jubilation and advent of the New Year. Santa Claus and his gifts add colour and fun to the festivities.




Essay No. 04

December 25 is observed as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the great founder of the Christian faith. December is considered a great season of goodwill and merriment. So Christmas is greeted with special merriment and rejoicing everywhere. It is an occasion for happy family gatherings and festivities. The Christians all over the world decorate their homes. They wear gay clothes, make special cakes, and share feasts with others. *

Christmas has always been very much a time of family reunion. Today it is also a children’s festival. They sing Christmas carols in memory of Christ’s birth. The children have given various presents and Santa Claus or Father Christmas visits as the friend and protector of the Children. The Christmas tree, with its beautiful decorations, lights, and its shining star at the top is a great attraction of Christmas.

But today Christmas is not only a festival of the Christians. The Hindus, the Muslims, and people of other faiths also celebrate this occasion and share the merriment with the Christians.


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