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A Hot Day in Summer

Essay No. 01

A hot day in summer is a very bad experience. The temperature is very high. The sun seems cruel, burning everything on its face. It is scorching and perspiring. Going out to work is much more teasing. Travelling by buses and trains is all the more troublesome. The mornings are somewhat cool but as noon approaches the things worsen. The trees and plants seem sulking in the Sun. They keep quite motionless as there is not a whiff of wind. Everything is silent and unmoving. The birds and beasts all gasp for breath. The stray dogs die of thirst. The Sun seems to get hotter and hotter every moment. Everything gets heated up. The walls and floors seem burning. The only source of comfort is the cold-water which keeps us going. People consume lot of water all through the day and night. The fans, coolers, air conditioners and fridges work round the clock. The electricity is consumed at the peak. The big cities suffer by power-cuts and people come on roads, they protest but ultimately they reconcile with the situation. There is a scarcity of all the essential supplies due to heat. The vegetable prices go sky-high. The schools declare holidays as they cannot make proper arrangements for the students. The rich escape the heat of plains and take refuge in the hill-stations. They pay for the expensive stays there.

The condition of poor labourers is pitiable. They have to work on roads and building constructions in the open Sun. The affluent people enjoy in their posh houses and cars, offices and farm houses. It is again the poor who suffer the wrath of nature. The trouble ends only when there is a bounty of nature in the form of a shower of rain. People pray for this bounty of nature, day in and out and ultimately the clock of time turns round and it is the end of summer.


Essay No. 02


An Extremely Hot Day

In countries like India, summer season is a most uncomfortable season. Extremely hot weather effects in slowing down of activity. Blowing of loo causes much discomfort and, sometimes, even leads to deaths. Frequent breakdown of electricity adds much to the problem. In order to counter the effect of extremely hot days, air-conditioned atmosphere is provided in offices and business centres. During extremely hot days, the loss of appetite is a common phenomenon. People heave a sigh of relief when, during an extremely hot day, there are clouds or a shower.

Essay No. 03

A Hot Summer Day

Summer is very hot in India. June is the hottest month of the year. The heat of the sun becomes unbearable. People perspire from head to foot. Cold drinks are in great demand. Baths give little relief. Not only men even animals and birds feel restless in the intense heat of the sun.

It was the day of 20th June. The sun was extremely hot. I was wet to the bone with sweat. A hot wind was blowing outside. Not a leaf was stirring. The birds were sitting quietly. They were feeling thirsty. Their beaks were wide open. Dogs were sitting in drains of dirty water. They were lolling their tongues. The roads looked deserted.

The afternoon was the hottest part of the day. Nobody liked to go out in the sun. The shop keepers had pulled down their shutters. They were taking rest under the fans. A boy or two were carrying umbrellas over their heads. The rickshaw pullers were perspiring while plying rickshaws. Parents were waiting for their children from schools. The labourers had left their work. They were sitting in a shady corner.

The people prayed to God for rain. God answered their prayers. Mean while clouds started gathering in the sky. A cool wind began to blow. Soon it began to rain. There was water everywhere. People came out of their houses. Children began playing in rain water. The birds started chirping. The weather became pleasant. People heaved a sigh of relief. There was a mood of fun and gaiety.

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