English Essay on “The National Flag” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The National Flag

Our flag in the present form was adopted twenty f days before independence, on 22nd July 1947, in a meeting held by the constituent assembly.

The national flag which was hoisted in Red fort on 15th August 1947 has three colours and called tricolor. The colours are arranged one below the other, in the order of saffron, white and green: saffron representing energy, sacrifice and strengths. White stands for peace and green symbolizing life & prosperity. ‘There is a dark blue chakra which is the wheel with 24 spokes or lines representing the 24hrs of a day, taken from the Ashoka emblem.

Our national flag represents our country and the people of India. We show our respect to it, singing the national anthem whenever it is unfurled. It is the symbol of our hard earned freedom and is hoisted on Independence Day and Republic day celebrations in all national institutions, organizations, armed forces, state bodies schools and panchayats. It can be kept flying till sunset and then lowered. It is also used on special occasions like national or international sports meets or events whenever our country participates.

To older generations our national flag brings lot of motions. thoughts, and pride. To present generations the sense of pride or respect for flag is sometimes expressed in different ways like, wearing it on one’s dress or putting over one’s car. But, one can always see the younger lot proudly displaying the tricolour painted faces while cheering our cricket or foot ball players during a game. But, the thoughtless display of printed flags during national celebrations only to be later scattered on the roads by wind is worrying. This practice is disrespect to the flag.

To restrict the people from misusing or showing disrespect to the flag. Supreme Court has issued order and there is a flag code which has to be strictly followed.

A few of them are-

Display of flags in uniform or dress above the waist only, display of tricolour on vehicles of our national dignitaries and high ranking officers of armed forces, the flag is kept half- mast during the demise of former presidents or prime ministers.

We are all proud of our flag & let’s make the tricolour more proud & known by working hard to develop our nation.

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