Essay on “A Day in The Life of a Policeman” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Day in The Life of a Policeman

A day in the life of a policeman is quite hectic. He is on duty all the 24 hours. He has usually very little rest. Sometimes in his uniform sometimes in plain clothes, he performs the government job. He is the custodian of law. He enforces the law. He sees that the Government rules and regulations are faithfully carried out.

A policeman starts his day with some exercise or jogging. It is necessary to keep him alert and smart all the day long. It keeps him fit and healthy in order to do the difficult job. He also tries his hand at his rifle or revolver aiming at an imaginary thief or culprit.

Now he reports to duty at the police station. He marks his attendance. He reads the daily Flits (First Information Reports). He gets orders from his seniors and goes on enquiry and investigation. His work is very ticklish. He has to face difficulties and sometimes danger to his life. He faces this all boldly. While conducting an enquiry, he has to be very cautious. He cannot make any compromises. He guards the law. He is answerable to both the law and the public.

He solves very puzzling cases with his intelligence and experience. He does not take rest till his work is fulfilled and the case solved. He is there to protect the interests of the innocent and giving justice to them. He prepares the case of his findings very diligently. He is well-versed in law and all its intricacies. His arguments are fool-proof, quite according to the tenets of law.

A policeman is a useful public servant and at the same time a human being. While discharging his duties he can commit mistakes. His lapses cost very dear to the respectable citizens and peace-loving people. So the society should condone his such mistakes but that happens very rarely and a policeman suffers.

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