English Essay on “Air Travel” Full-Length Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Air Travel

Travelling by air is one of the most exciting ways of travelling, and the Airport from where air travel begins is a place bustling with activities, people coming and going, and announcements being made to remind passengers that their flight is about to take off.

After arriving at the Airport, it is customary to deposit your baggage at the airline counter. The officer on duty examines your air ticket. Expect a queue at the counter, but wait your turn patiently—it will come.

After your tickets have been checked, the baggage is weighed. The standard baggage permitted is 20 kgs per passenger traveller on the economy class, and 30 kgs for those travelling in the first class, on both domestic and international flights.

The baggage that is not required on the flight is checked in. Normally a small bag is allowed into the aircraft, no large baggage is permitted. This is placed on the rack above your seat. The rest of the baggage that is checked in, is kept in the storage compartment of the aircraft and delivered on arrival at the destination.

Usually, stickers and baggage tags are provided by the airlines for aim-,° onto the baggage. Excess baggage should always be avoided. After checking both tickets and baggage the counterfoil is returned by the airline staff with a boarding pass.

In the case of an international flight, there is a custom, immigration, and security check before the passenger actually proceeds towards the aircraft. Nowadays, in order to protect passengers and aircraft from hijackers and terrorists, strict security and restrictions have been placed. These measures have been enforced after several cases of hijacking which have left passengers very insecure and scared.

Areas where people coming to ‘see off’ their friends or relatives, have now been closed, as a security safeguard. If your seat is near the window, you can look out and see the clouds so close you can almost touch them. As you ascend higher and higher, the city you just left behind looks miniature, like a doll’s playground with gardens and trees. For these few moments, it’s easy to visualise what birds feel like in the sky with nothing but the clouds, your flying in space’, away from the hindrance of city life.

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