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A Day before the Examination

Essay No. 01

Examinations are the most dreadful activities in the life of a student. He always shrinks back from the examination. He looks pale, sunken, having a long face specially in the month of March because it is the month of annual examination and the result of his whole year depends on them.

The students look worried and anxious as the examinations draw near. The day before the examination is horrible for them. They are busy on revising the main points. They do not feel hunger. They take no interest in recreational items. They try to cram some important questions. The more they read, the more they forget. They feel nervous and confused. They burn the midnight oil for preparing themselves for the examination. Even after learning a lot, they feel quite blank.

They seek divine help and pray to God to help them pass the examination. Every student whether he is bright or dull, fears the examination. They leave seeing movies and watching T.V. They do not have sound sleep on the night before the examination. In fact, fear of the examination hangs so heavy on their mind that they do not have even a wink of sleep throughout the night.

They are puzzled. Those students who adopt unfair means in the examination are busy in preparing short slips with answers on them. They take these slips into the examination hall and use them whenever they get opportunity. Anyhow most of the students feel that their memory is failing. Their young faces look tired as a result of worries and over studies.


Essay No. 02


A Day before An Examination

It is very interesting to talk about the day before an examination. On this day, most of the examinees are in a-tense mood. The uncertainty of what will be contained, in the next day’s question-paper keeps their heart throbbing violently. Every examinee tries his best to prepare for the examination. The day before an examination is not the time for detailed or elaborate study. Such times had already passed. On this day, one has to go through the short notes and concentrate on main points of a subject and important likely questions. The parents help the examinees to make them feel relaxed. They are given light and nourishing food to eat. The examinees, on their part, set their next day’s requirements like pen, inkpot, foot-rule, etc. in order. They look for the day with expectation.

Essay No. 03

A Day Before The Examination

Examination is a necessary evil. Students are afraid of it. They tremble at the mention of its very name. Their faces turn pale. They grow nervous and smile on their faces disappears. As soon as it comes near, their condition becomes pitiable. The day before the examination is horrible for them.

On the eve of examination, they look worried and anxious. They are busy revising all those questions which they have learnt for the examination purpose. They forget to eat food. They don’t want to waste time on eating and drinking. T.V. programmes cease to interest them. They try to cram some important questions. The more they learn, the more they forget.

The students study till late mid-might. They try to keep themselves awake somehow. Even in sleep they are haunted by the fear of examination. They feel confused and upset. Even after learning a lot many questions, they don’t develop self-confidence. They feel quite blank. They fear that the answers learnt by them have started mixing up.

The fear of examination hangs so heavy on their minds that they trying to seek God’s help. They pray to God to ward off this calamity. Some even try to buy God’s blessings by making fabulous offers. They keep he photographs of gods and goddesses in their books and purses.

There are students who use unfair means in the examination. They busy in making slips with answers scribbled on them. Some try to about the supervisory staff in order to make acquaintance with them. Their purpose is to copy in the examination in connivance with the invigilators. Thus examination encourages the tendency of using unfair means.


Essay No. 04

A Day before the Exams

Students wired in an abyss of books racing against time to go through as many books as possible, is a common sight before exams. For most students exams entail anxiety, fear and nervousness.

Most dreaded are the final exams. These exams decide whether a student tops the lot, manages to pass or repeats the same class. A whole year of hard work culminates into the results of the final exams.

Students who fail to judiciously utilize the entire year suffer the most. They try to complete one year’s syllabus in a span of few days. This Herculean task leads to demoralization, exhaustion and loss of faith in one’s capabilities. They are the hardest hit as the fear of not making it to the next class engulfs them.

Yet another sight is that of students engaged in elaborate prayers to propitiate the deity. Appeasing gods and goddesses and trying to seek divine intervention is also fairly common among examinees.

Some pupils driven by the fear of getting poor marks resorts to unfair means. The day before the exam is spent in preparation for this. Small chits to be referred to in the exams hall are diligently made.

It is surprising that exams elicit different reactions in students. However, the common thread that binds them is of anxiety and fear. While brilliant ones worry about securing first place, the weak ones worry about not getting pass marks. Examination can be termed as the leveler, as irrespective of intelligence it brings in its wake tension and worries.

The fear of exams can be tackled by careful planning, determination, devotion and hard work. A routine balancing studies and recreation should be maintained on a regular basis. The solution to a sleepless and restless night before the exam lies in completing the syllabus in a methodical and phased manner. This will instill confidence in a student, saving him confusion and helplessness at the eleventh hour.

The day before the exam should be spent in revising lessons. Students should refrain from taking up new topics as this will add to their bafflement. It is advisable to have an early dinner and some good sleep before the exam. As staying up all night will increase fatigue levels. Tests should always be taken with a fresh mind. Tired minds will inhibit students from recalling their lessons. A fresh and energetic student is likely to perform better than his peers, who are bogged down by fatigue.

It is wise to be well prepared for the exam and to ace them with unwavering confidence.


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