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A Rainy Day in Summer

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Essay No. 01

A rainy day in summer is always welcome. It brings a great respite after days of scorching heat. The waterfalls in torrents. People prefer to go outdoors or on rooftops to enjoy the rain. The children especially enjoy to their fullest. They run and roll in water in the streets and compounds. They do not listen to the calls of their parents. They get wet to the skin. Soon the water is collected everywhere. The roads and bazaars are in floods. The vehicles get stranded. The scooterists have a bad day. They cannot play in deep water. The people are late for their places of work all construction work is done in the open is stopped and the poor laborers heave a sigh of relief. The trees and bushes on the roadsides wear a fresh look they seem to laugh at the bounty of nature. They get a new life after a long time.

The rainy day is a day of celebration for the farmer. He has his hopes of a good crop fulfilled. He takes out his cows and bullocks and makes them enjoy the falling rain. Fields of corn and paddy get a new life. They thank almighty God for the bounty of rain. The rivers and streams are full of water and sometimes overflow their banks. The excess of water takes the shape of a flood at some places and damages some crops and the small huts of the poor.

In general, the rainy day is welcomed by all and people wait patiently for it and rejoice when the wish is fulfilled. Nature has her own system, and as such every hot summer is followed by rains which bring again back to life everything which seems to get destroyed under the impact of the hot sun.


Essay No. 02


A Rainy Day in Summer

During the summer season, in tropical cities like Delhi, a rainy day is a great boon to the residents. Timely rain is indeed a blessing in disguise. It gives relief from scorching heat cools the atmosphere by bringing the temperature down. While it has a comforting effect, it sometimes results in floods. A rainy day is greeted by the people. It is enjoyed most by the children. It has its uses for animals and gives a boost to vegetation.

Essay No. 03

A Rainy day in Summer

Of all the seasons, summer is most torturing. The heat of the sun is unbearable. When the light goes out, life becomes hell. All the ponds become dry. Not only men but also the birds feel thirsty. When such is the atmosphere, rain is a blessing. It brings relief and comfort for one and all. It sends a wave of joy into every heart.

It was on the 15th of June. The day was very hot. There was not a whiff of air. The trees were still. Birds were not chirping. Dogs were looking for water here and there. People were sweating from head to foot. There was no light. Fans had stopped moving. Everybody was feeling restless. No relief seemed insight.

Suddenly dark clouds started gathering in the sky. Soon the sky was overcast with clouds. Darkness spread everywhere. A cool wind started blowing. In a short time, big drops of rain began to fall. The clouds were thundering. The gentle showers were soon followed by a heavy downpour. The weather became cool and pleasant. Everybody heaved a sigh of relief. Children came out to float paper-boats. They began to play in the rain-water.

After some time the rain stopped. Everybody looked cheerful. Greenery could be seen all around. The streets were full of water. It was difficult to pass them. The rickshaw-pullers had a field day. They charged the fare at their will. Towards the evening a rainbow appeared in the sky. The scene looked beautiful. Although the water in the street started subsiding, the streets became slippery. Despite all this, the atmosphere turned cool and pleasant.

Essay No. 04

A Rainy Day in Summer

During the summer season, it is very hot. People rarely venture out in the scorching heat and like to remain indoors; doing a variety of things A shower of rain in the summer season brings a pleasant relief to the people.

One day in July, the weather was extremely hot and people on the road could be seen perspiring from head to toe under the scorching sun. There was not a single cloud in the sky.

I was on the terrace watering the plants, as even they were dry when all of a sudden, clouds appeared and the sky was soon overcast with them. It became dark soon and lightning and thunder were heard which led to a cool breeze. It started drizzling and within no time it began to rain heavily. I stayed on the terrace to enjoy the rain, even as my mother kept calling me to come down.

The streams of water which ran down the street soon caused the drains to overflow. Some children of the locality began to take a dip in the muddy water while some played the game of splashing water on each other. It was a beautiful sight.

It was two hours later that the rain stopped and a rainbow could also be seen. After the rain, the roads became muddy and slippery and some people even slipped on the road.

People heaved a sigh of relief as for a few hours they were able to get away from the heat. We really enjoyed the rain that day.

Essay No. 05

Rainy Day in Summer

It is very hot during the summer. People go out in the scorching heat only when it is very necessary otherwise they remain indoors doing different types of activities. A shower of rain in the summer season brings pleasant relief for the people.

Every year in July, the weather is extremely hot and people can be seen perspiring in the scorching sun. And there is not a single sign of a cloud in the sky.

This July I was on the terrace watering my plants as they had dried due to heat. All of a sudden clouds appeared and the sky was overcast by them. It became dark and lightning began to dazzle. Thunder led to a cool breeze. First, it started drizzling and within no time it began to rain heavily. I stayed on the terrace to enjoy the rain.

The whole street turned into a small lake due to which the drains started overflowing. Some children of the area took a dip in the muddy water while some played water splash. All in all, it was an enjoyable sight.

It was late evening when the rain stopped. After the rain was over the roads became muddy, slippery, and uneven.

But people didn’t mind all this inconvenience as they were able to heave a sigh of relief and get rid of the heat. They enjoyed the rain for a few hours at a stretch.

All in all, rain in the summer season is always welcomed by the people.

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