English Short Essay on “Making a Telephone Call” English Paragraph/Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Making a Telephone Call

A telephone call helps us to talk to another person at a distance without even leaving our chair in the home. It is not at all difficult to make a telephone call. First we lift the receiver to hear the dial tone. It is either engaged or out of order if we do not hear the dial tone. If we hear the dial tone, it is a signal for us to dial the number. If we are using an older, dial type of telephone instrument, we insert our forefinger into the digits one by one till we dial the complete number required. For each digit of the telephone number, the dial is turned clockwise till it stops then it is released to occupy the original position. The process is repeated as many times as there are digits in the complete telephone number. After that we put the earpiece to the ear to hear the ringing sound of the bell. If there is no ringing, the telephone is disconnected by hanging up and the process is repeated once again. If we hear the ringing, we wait till the other person lifts the receiver and says ‘Hello!’ After that we convey the message and have the reply or talk to the person. These days we have push button type telephone instruments and mobile phones where we press the digits instead of dialing. With these telephones, the dialing process is much faster than that with the old rotary type of telephones.

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