English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Jama Masjid-Srinagar” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Jama Masjid-Srinagar

Jama Masjid of Srinagar was first built in 1398 A.D. by Sultan Sikandar. It is the longest and the oldest mosque of Srinagar. Its uniqueness lies in the wooden pillars which is made from a single deodar tree to support the roof.

This is the most spacious Friday mosque which has the capacity to accommodate over thirty thousand people to offer prayers at a time. In fact, the area of the mosque is about 384 feet in length and 382 feet wide. After its completion, it was rebuilt thrice due to destruction caused by fires. Unlike the Islamic shrines, the Jama Masjid and other Muslim shrines in Kashmir are not surmounted by a dome.

Jama Masjid contains four huge prayer halls well supported by 370 wooden pillars. These halls are intercepted by a doorway below its surrounding spire. The central part of the masjid becomes more exciting when sunlight falls on the pool of water.


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