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Autobiography of A Well

I am 30 to 40 feet deep and about hundred fifty years old, still alive with clean and cool water. I am a deep well present in the compound of a big house in Kozhikode in Kerala. I have been giving cool and healthy water to the people of the house whether its summer or rainy season. Every day, over the years water liters of it were drawn from my belly daily. Children and my owners love my water. I am the only source of water supply in the home and I am proud of it .Years have passed but still, even now, water is drawn daily for drinking purposes. A few years earlier a motor was fitted to pump water from me into the tanks for other uses. So, now I don’t often get to see the reflections of people especially the lovely ladies!

Only once in my life I went a little dry during a peek summer when the area witnessed severe heat wave and less rain. The owners then dug me a little more deep to get clear water. Since then I have never gone dry. My pores always drain out water. During the monsoons my water rises to the mouth of the well and amazes the people of the house. Just a single pull of rope and bucket, my water is drawn easily.

I have seen three generations here and still serve. Once in a while 1 am cleaned. The present master of the house had put two fishes into my water which keep swimming and give me company. They also help to keep me clean. One day before the fishes were dropped into me, a little cat accidentally slipped and fell into me creating panic. The little cat struggled but timely action saved it. Because of its frantic cries, the people of the house lowered a bucket and picked it up. This incident gave me a new grill cover which could be opened in a particular place to draw water. I was also covered with a plastic net to prevent from becoming dirty with dry leaves and sticks.

My walls are strong, my belly is always full and my mouth inviting people to draw water. I am proud that I am still used daily. The grand children of the house on their visit peep into me, to see the water level and take turns to draw a bucket of water from me and have a splash near me with my cool waters.

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