English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on Monument “Akbar’s Tomb” Full Length Essay for Kids and Students.

Akbar’s Tomb

Some miles away from the northwest of Agra is Sikandrabad. Akbar chose this for his final resting place. The mausoleum, which is centrally located with a spacious garden enclosed by high walls, was started by Akbar himself but was completed in 1613 in the reign of Jahangir. Jahangir modified its design and added the top terrace with marble cloisters containing a false grave of the emperor. The real grave lies in the crypt-like sepulchral chamber.

There seems little doubt that Akbar, in his original conception, had desired for an open pyramid. Accordingly, the forthcoming fifth floor is girdled by a marble cloister enclosed by screens fitted in sophisticated geometric designs.

The culmination of this unusual arrangement is a white marble cenotaph in the center of the open cloister having 29 names of God except for the prophet. Akbar started to build his own tomb in sandstone but Jahangir completed it in marble.


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