Essay on “Team Spirit” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Team Spirit

Working in a team is not that easy but a great challenge as it casts a shadow on your ability, potential and inventiveness. „But team spirit can produce great and unimagined results if all the members place their ego on the shelf and work selflessly to apprehend a common goal. Working in a team is actually a healer and a stress buster. It is because success or failure, triumph or defeat, zenith or nadir is a collective responsibility and not an individual headache. Each member is important and can put forward his point of view, his varied views and suggestions which can give a boost to productivity. When different brains give ideas separately for a collective purpose, the best comes out. Pros and cons are discussed and then one arrives at the best alternative. Successful team work requires free and effective communication amongst the members. If a strong leadership is there the grains can easily be shifted from the chaff to get the best result. Conflicts evaporate in the presence of team spirit. Every member feels that he is important as he gets a chance to pour out what is there in his heart. Collective thinking removes grossness and facilitates polished ideas. Team spirit inculcates respect for others’ competencies. It prevents imposition of views. It creates a healthy atmosphere where each member has its importance. It enhances cohesiveness, unity in diversity, cooperation, mutual respect and single-mindedness to pluck the flower of success. It lays stress on certain rules and values which are to be adhered to. Personal rivalry has no place in team spirit. Team spirit is the only alternative to move mountains and to pave the path for smooth sailing.

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