English Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Hanuman Jayanti” for Kids, Students of Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Board Examination.

Essay on “Hanuman Jayanti” Festival

In the first month of the Hindi calendar year, Chaitra witnesses the birthday of Ramchandra’s stalwart devotee Hanumana, on Chaitra Sud Poonam. By the blessings of Shiva and Vayu deities (Arjan), the wife of Kesari, the king of monkeys, gave birth to Hanumana. While the Shiva Puran cites that since Shiva could not serve Shri Rama in his present form, he inspired the birth of one Rudra from his 11 Rudras, as a monkey.

Shri Rama, the son of King Dashrath of Ayodhya, met Hanumana in Kishkindha. Shri Rama was impressed by Hanumana and accepted him as his friend. Since then Hanumana became an indispensable part of Rama’s mission to bring back Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the king of Lanka. He played a significant role in saving the life of Lakshmana.

In the ‘Vachanamrutan’, it is stated that every devotee should follow three foremost virtues like Pativarta Bhakti, Dasalva Bhakti, and Nisthik Brahmacharya. It is said that one should chant Hanuman Chalisa to remain away from evil spirits.

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