Essay on “Cancer – A Curse to Mankind” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Cancer – A Curse to Mankind

All around the world that we live in there are a number of diseases that are affecting the human population and it is a well known fact that as the medicines to cure the diseases are being found regularly new diseases are coming up and thus keeping the scientists at work continuously. As it is very widespread and well known that AIDS is the disease that is causing a problem on one hand and it is cancer that is causing a big problem on the other hand, all through the world. All the developing countries are investing a lot of money and resource on the ways to treat the cancer disease. Cancer is of two types basically

Benign: It spreads from one cell to the other surrounding cell thus spreading the cancer

Malignant: it does not spread and can be easily removed and then treated

Benign cancer is the most difficult type of cancer that the world is facing .Another problem with cancer is the fact that there are different types of cancer affecting different parts of the body this cancer is basically from different organs which may come in contact with the carcinogenic substances which cause cancer where the cells lose the property of apoptosis and grow in an uncontrolled way an hence the cellular count increases drastically due to which the person gets the cancer. Apart from general toxic substances which are carcinogenic even other substances such as alcohol and even tobacco cause’s cancer as they act as carcinogenic substances. Those who drink and smoke excessively those who even breathe the smoke also can be attacked by cancer disease. Those who smoke are called active smokers and those who are around the person who smoke are called passive smokers and even they face a heavy risk of being attacked by the cancer disease. In order to counter the passive smoking of people the smoking by people in public places has been banned and these public places are referred to as bus stands, railway stations and other government buildings. And even smoking on the roads and in places of public movement are being planned to be banned in the coming future. However there are other carcinogenic substances that are increasing at an alarmingly higher concentration in the environment, these are due to the various nuclear reactors and other such area where there is a potential threat and contains heavy quantity of the toxic substances. Some of the important cancers the world is challenged with are breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and skin cancer.

But the intensive research in the science of cancer by many institutions the world over to discover path breaking cure for this dreaded disease has opened new avenues for the treatment of cancer. And it is now widely known that the detection of cancer in the earlier stages can lead to the control and eventually the cure of the disease enabling people to live a normal life. Sheer determination and fighting spirit itself contributes 95% in combating the disease, the secret being to always smile.

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