English Essay on “Why Do People Kill Those Whom They Love?” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Why Do People Kill Those Whom They Love?

Recently a man called Naveen Ahuja killed his entire family including his 6-years daughter, Manavi and 9 year old son  was extremely attached with his children, still he did this type of gruesome act without realizing the consequences of it. He strangled his children and threw them from the seventh floor to the ground. Later on the repented for his folly and began crying inconsolably for losing the innocent kids, whom he loved beyond limits.

Naveen runs a sweet shop and has a daily income of more than a thousand rupees. He said that he killed his family because of the financial crisis that he was facing due to the burden of debts. Well, whatever the reasons might have been, Naveen took a wrong step in haste. Firstly, it was wrong of him to take heavy loans when he was not in the capacity to repay them, secondly it was wrong of him to kill his family due to financial problems.

Infact people who kill those, whom they love, suffer from nervous breakdown. They are half-mad people, who sometimes talk with sensibility and sometimes behave like mad people. These people are not fully insane but half insane. They are 50% intelligent and 50% mad. Therefore, they are called half-mad. These type of people need medical treatment including counselling sessions and medication. They suffer from severe depression, thus they should be taught yoga and meditation to calm down their tensed nerves.

These type of mental patients get incited on small issues and make a mountain out of a molehill. Most of them are very proud themselves and don’t listen to the suggestions of others. They are very obstinate and want to do things in their own way. Their wives and children must not pressurize them with unreasonable demands, else they get incited and could kill them in anger.

Their wives must handle them sensibly and keep them in cheering spirits throughout the day with pleasant talks and’ loving gestures. Their children should also remain loving and respectful to them. These kind of patients can get cured with medical treatment and love of their dear ones. If these suggestions are applied in practice, then these patients would certainly get treated, and they would be able to lead normal lives.

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