English Essay on “What I Like Best in School” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

What I Like Best in School

Today is Wednesday, my favourite day in school. Can you guess why? It’s because we have three periods of Art and Craft today. Of all the subjects that we are taught in school, Craft is the one I like the most!

 Last week in Craft class, we completed a beautiful collage on animals. We had been collecting newspaper and magazines for the past two months to use for the collage. I made mine on an underwater scene. I used a lot of different shades of blue for the water and varied bright colours for the fishes. I am very happy and proud that my collage has been put up in the auditorium for the whole school to see!

This week, our teacher has promised to teach us the basics of pottery. Ever since I joined my new class I have looked longingly at the Potter’s wheel and wanted to try my hand at it. After lunch break, I will rush and catch my favourite seat by the Potter’s wheel. I hope our Craft Teacher allows us to take our pots home to show our parents. Won’t they be proud of us?

Our end of the year Craft project is on Warli painting. We plan to make cards and paper bags and decorate them with Midi paintings. Our Teacher will then hold a sale of these products and donate the money to a school for deaf children. The class which makes the best cards will also get to paint a big mural on one wall of the Craft classroom. We are all so excited and want to be the best.

Everybody has a favourite subject in school; some like History and some like English.

I love Art and Craft and wish we had Craft class everyday!

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