English Essay on “Twenty 20 Cricket” Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Twenty 20 Cricket

Twenty-20 is a car chase cricket, full throttle, with no time or space for hesitation. Packaged with modern bells and whistles, crowds identify with it and respond to its clamour and vibrancy. The Indian Victory provided the mandatory happy ending with Shah Rukh Khan in attendance, but the message is clear: We have seen the future of cricket in Twenty 20.

The total prize money was $ 1.9 million. The winner of the final will get $ 490,000, while the runner-up will get $ 465,00, and the team which will win all the matches will get $ 955,00. The Rules of the game are: (i) Each side bat for 20 overs. (ii) Match lasts 3 hours, with a 20-minute break between innings. (iii) Minimum of 5 overs a side needed to constitute a match. (iv) The incoming batsman gets only 90 seconds to face the next ball. The team sits in dugouts near the boundary instead of the pavilion when the match is in progress. (v) In the first six overs, only two fielders can be placed outside the 30-yard circle. For the remaining 14 overs, not more than five fielders will be outside the circle. (vi) Bowlers can send down a maximum of four overs each. (vii) Both teams have to finish their innings within 75 minutes. If they fail, the batting team will be awarded six bonus runs for every over bowled. (viii) A batsman has 90 seconds to get onto the field. If he does not, he will be timed out. (ix) Free Hit—After a no-ball, the next delivery will be a free hit for the facing batsman. He cannot be dismissed off the free hit, except being run out. No change in field placement is allowed for the free hit. The Umpire will signal a free hit by raising one arm and moving it in a circular motion. A no-ball will give the batting team two runs. (x) Bowl Out:- Cricket’s version of the penalty shoot-out will be applied if the match is tied. Each team will nominate five bowlers who will take turns hitting the wickets at the other end. There will be no batsman facing. The team which achieves the maximum strikes wins the match.

Twelve countries of the world are named South Africa, West Indies, Bangladesh, Australia, England, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka. Kenya, India, Pakistan, and Scotland took part in this tournament. Out of these countries South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and England entered Super Eight. In the first Semi-Final Pakistan defeated New Zealand by three wickets and in the second Semi-Final India defeated Australia by fifteen runs. In the Final, India won the trophy defeating Pakistan by five runs at Johannesburg in South Africa on Sept. 24, 2007. Irfan Pathan was declared man of the match as he picked up three vital wickets for Pakistan. Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni predicted that Twenty-20 will catch fire with a vengeance back home following his team’s unexpected victory in the first-ever world championships and added “there was a determination among us to do well as we had not done so in the last world cup. Nothing much was expected of us, there was no pressure that’s why we were victorious.”

Team India earns $ 490,000 (almost Rs 2 crore] as prize money for winning the Twenty 20 World Cup. BCCI gives a bonus of $ 3 million (almost Rs 12 crore] to the Indian team. Each team member gets approximately Rs 80 lakh. Yuvraj Singh gets Rs 1 crore for hitting six sixes in an over. Rohit Sharma and Ajit Agarkar get Rs 10 lakh each from the Maharastra Government. Joginder Singh gets 21 lakh from the Haryana Government, and Rabin Uthappa and Venkatesh Prasad get Rs 5 lakh each from the Karnataka Government. R. P, Sing gets 10 lakh from the U. P. Government. M. S. Dhoni will get a surprise gift from the Jharkhand C. M. Goutam Gambhir and V. Sehwag get 5 lakh each from the Delhi Government. S. Sreesanth gets 5 lakh from the Kerala Government. M. S. Dhoni, Yuvaraj Singh, Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Sing, R. P. Singh, and Robin Uthappa will get out-of-turn promotions and free travel from Air India, and all the team members and their families will also get free travel for five years on Air India. Each team member will get a house by Sahara India in Sahara City Homes, costing Rs 4 crore.

This is the first big international trophy since the world cup. Victory in 1983 and has been achieved by a bunch of youngsters of India. The Twenty 20 World Cup Cricket will be an interesting and exciting experience. Big hits, quick wickets, super catches, and upset wins it would be a part of the breathtaking action.

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