10 Lines on ‘A Pen Friend’ English Short Essay, Paragraph for Students and Children class 7, 8, 9, 10.

10 Lines on ‘A Pen Friend’

  1. Although I have many friends in India I have always wished for a friend who lives in a foreign country.
  2. The other day I was reading the magazine “X-act Times” and I came across the addresses of various children all over the world who want to make pen friends.
  3. I wanted a penfriend in the United States of America as I found the culture of that country very different from ours.
  4. Finally, I found the address of Mary who lives in San Francisco.
  5. She is fourteen years old.
  6. She wrote to me as soon as she received my first letter and I was very touched by her warmth and friend lines.
  7. She is extremely lovely too. As she is the only child she writes to me about all her problems and I do the same.
  8. We give each other a lot of support although we live so far from each other.
  9. Pen friends are a lot of fun apart from being our confidants.
  10. They help to educate us and we find ourselves growing into persons whose horizons are as large as the world itself.

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