English Essay on “The SMS Saga” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The SMS Saga

It’s short, quick and has become favorite- SMS or short message service, a facility offered by the mobile phone companies to the ever growing consumers. With the help of this facility; we can send short message to anyone instantly and be sure that it’s delivered. It is very convenient and useful.

SMS is a very customer friendly service. So, anyone can make use of it to save time and money. It’s become so popular among the younger generation that not just important messages but even jokes are exchanged. Today. when time has become a precious thing in every body’ life. SMS helps to stay in touch- wishing friends and dear ones well, exchanging greetings, sending important reminders, communicating while traveling (people prefer to message than make a call because it’s cheaper and also exchanging messages without disturbing people around or getting distributed. It offers privacy too especially when we are in crowded places and cannot call. It’s a great feeling when a message is sent and we get a reply immediately. Sending greeting cards on important occasion has taken a backseat because there is an option of picture messages too with a text or words, typed to our liking picture messages as greetings on birthdays, festivals or happy occasions can be beautiful messages. We can save it too. Also, at a time we can send messages to different people. For example, New Year greetings to all friends. This is indeed a great facility in terms of convenience. Since, the nature of message is short, typing words in short form like, ‘u’ for you or v care for u’ for ‘we care for you’, is in fashion.

SMS is also great way of ensuring things are alright with their children, for parents. Parents worry when children are traveling or are away from home. By exchanging messages they ensure their safety and feel relaxed. This has become very crucial because of the growing concerns of safety in cities.

The entertainment media and news channels are also making the best use of SMS. There are programmes and competitions which ask the viewers to select the winners by SMS vote. So. we have winners actually who have been made a ‘star’ by SMS voters. News channels ask the viewers to voice their opinion by conducting opinion polls regarding the complicated issues faced by our country.

With all its advantages at times. SMS is annoying. Sometimes the mobile communication providers continuously send messages, offering some schemes. songs, dialer  tones and lucky draw offers. We may ‘open’ the messages thinking they are important but find them silly. Especially, when it is repeated. There are three to five such messages daily.

Nevertheless, SMS is very important way of sending messages in modern times and is going to stay. So, let the saga of SMS spread. making people happy and connected.

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