English Essay on “The Fire Engine” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Fire Engine

There are a lot of cartoon programmes about fire engines. A very thoughtful idea considering that firemen with their fire engines are always on the job! A fire engine is a vehicle designed to assist in fighting fires by transporting firefighters to the scene and providing them with access to the fire, water or other equipment.

A bright and red fire engine with its long ladder, long and black hose and loud and urgent bell has always attracted children to it. When they question their parents as to what that funny looking vehicle is all about and then learn about it they arc awe-struck and why not? A modem fire engine is usually a multi-purpose vehicle carrying personnel and equipment for a wide range of fire-fighting and rescue tasks. However, there are role specific fire engines as well. The fire engine that I have seen closely is an Airport Crash Tender which is a fire engine designed for use at aerodromes and airports in aircraft accidents. The features include a good acceleration, ability to move on rough terrains outside the runway and airport area, large water capacity, foam tank, a high-capacity pump, and water/foam monitors with a good throw distance. Similarly, other types have other equipment.

Fires are of different types and so extinguishing methods differ. Also, where the fire occurs determines the type of fire engine that will be used. A fire engine’s importance can never be questioned.

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