English Essay on “The Curse of Science” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

The Curse of Science

Essay No. 01

The science has become a curse today due to the development of destructive nuclear armament and weapons. The atom bombs in the possession of the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. are powerful enough to blow up the whole world within a fraction of a second. The star war will carry the struggle in the whole space and pollute the whole environment to such an extent that no life of any kind will be able to survive. The scientists are busy making further advances in the field of armaments and the day is not very far away when by switching on one button, the whole world will he reduced to dust. Only the animals in the ocean may survive and may make another effort towards the evolution of new species on the earth. India and our first neighbor Pakistan both have spent a huge sum to procure the latest armaments from the international market. A major chunk of their budget is reserved for Defence purposes. Both the countries are spending heavily on their respective nuclear programme. The nation’s income that could provide a better life to the people is being wasted on nuclear armaments and weapons. The common man in both countries is also ill-clad and ill-fed, but none feels his plight.

In Iran and Iraq, a terrible war was fought. The whole wealth of both these countries was consumed by the hell’s fires of war. The nuclear power plants arc the threat to the mankind. In Russia, the Chernobil plant spread radiation all around and the neighbouring countries also felt the shock. The radiation level was So high that many animals died due to its poisonous affects.

The smoke and pollution produced by big industries is spoiling the whole environment. In Bhopal, thousands of people were killed due to the leakage of poisonous gas MIC. In Switzerland, a company yet out the pollutants in the river and the whole marine life of the river was wiped out. Ultimately all this poisonous material reaches the ocean and kills water creatures of every type.

We have become too much dependent on computers and other scientific equipment. We have forgotten manual labour which can keep us physically fit. We cannot walk even for a kilometer because we depend more and more on automobiles. The result is that most of us suffer from diseases of various types. We cannot enjoy a healthy, vigorous and busy life. Science began its journey as our servant but is becoming our master now. It is getting on our nerves and the day is not far off when the entire humanity will suffer a great deal. Progress of science is becoming the curse for the mankind.

Essay No. 02

Science as a Curse

Modern age is an age of science as it has brought about a lot of changes in human life. It has made life comfortable and easy and has given man the means of entertainment. Such inventions like satellite have vastly improved man’s power, knowledge of nature and also opening new vistas daily for him.

But at the same time science is also a curse to man because it threaten human existence, for it has given human deadly and destructive weapons which can bring end of all humanity.

Science has come to be called the murderer of humanity by some critics as today scientists are inventing new bombs, explosives for their monetary gains solely.

Science has produced various bombs whose destructive capacity makes one shudder. There are napalm bombs which cause burns. In the Second World War very powerful bombs were dropped on the two cities of Japan-Hiroshima and Nagasaki whose effects can still be seen today. In fact today more powerful bombs have been invented and these bombs are deadly for human race.

Besides these, one should not forget the rockets and missiles, popularly known as the flying bombs. Science has also produced more deadly guns, pistols, cannons, armed cars and the tanks, which can be called moving fortresses. All these are being modernised even more every day.

We should also not forget the weapons used by U.S.A. recently during the war with Iraq.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, science in a way has become a curse for today’s world.

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