English Essay on “Superstitions and False Beliefs” English Essay-Paragraph-Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 CBSE Students and competitive Examination.

Superstitions and False Beliefs

There are many false beliefs prevalent in the world due to the darkness of ignorance and the curse of illiteracy of the mankind. Some people ruin their own and others life due to false beliefs. The false beliefs must be changed to right beliefs, else the world shall become a miserable place to live in. Here are some suggestions through which we can eliminate the ignorance of superstitions and false beliefs from the minds of the people and show them the right direction of life.

Firstly, we must find out which evil omens are prevalent in a particular place. Note down all the evil omens on the paper and try to find out why such false beliefs settled down in the minds of people. In many villages the women are not allowed to go out of the premises of their house. They have the Parda system, which means that they have to cover their faces before their in-laws and the outsiders. It is very inconvenient to remain always in veil, but woman has to do so as there is a false belief prevalent in many villages of India, that by covering your face with a cloth you remain protected from the anti-social and other shrewd elements of the society.

But this is a wrong belief, you can’t escape from the clutches of the devils by covering your face. To defend yourself from such elements, face them boldly and take the support of your friends, relatives and other people to suppress these notorious elements of society. Parda system must not be allowed to prevail -in the society, as it suppresses the woman and snatch away the right of the woman to move around freely. The woman should be allowed to go beyond the house to their friends, and relative’s places, and should be permitted to take a profession of their choice even if they had to go at far off places. Their husbands must get a hold on them in the right Way. They should teach them to have control over themselves and talk to men, decently. They must develop healthy relationships with men and consider them their own brothers.

Some people have false belief that it is an evil omen to keep rabbits in the home, as it leads to the destruction and ruins human lives. Some ignorant villagers believe that if the cat crosses the person’s path, then he is hound to suffer failure in whatever he does that day.

Many people in India don’t give permission to their sons and daughters to get married to anybody belonging to another caste, community and religion.

All these false beliefs are ruining our society. The false beliefs could be eliminated if we open up the realms of knowledge in the ignorant minds. We must change wrong beliefs into right belief. The right belief is to accept the supremacy of God and to understand that he is the creator of all the negative and positive energy of the world, including demons and angels, good and evil and so on. We must know that through prayers, we invite the God’s energy that eliminates the negative energy of our sins and the elimination of negative energy purifies our souls and grant abundant peace and happiness to us.

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